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Working Group Papers at 2007 Institute


Conveners: Bruce Birch & Cheryl B. Anderson


Anderson, Cheryl B. Ruth and Esther as Models for the Formation of God’s People: Engaging Liberationist Critiques” (published in Ancient Laws and Contemporary Controversies [New York: Oxford University Press, 2009], 59–78).
Appler, Deborah. “What is an Mzungu to do? A Western Christian Reading of Elisha’s Prophetic Mission (2 Kings 2:1-13:22) in the Light of Today’s Christian Mission in Tanzania.”
Birch, Bruce.Reclaiming Prophetic Leadership
Bowen, Nancy R. Scriptural Holiness and Wesleyan Holiness.”
Day, Linda.Lamentation and Suffering.”
Ferrer, Pablo Manuel. “‘In Order that there may be a Fair Balance.’ 2 Corinthians 8–9, The Collection for the Jerusalem Churches: Symbolic and Economic Consequences.”
Harland, Catrin.Holy and  Royal: A Priesthood of Service and Sanctification in 1 Peter.”
Hatton, Peter.Acts and Consequences in Biblical Dialogues” (published as “A Cautionary Tale: the Acts-Consequence ‘Construct’,” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 35 [2011]: 375–84).
Heim, Knut M.Israel and Other Nations in Isaiah: The Diachronic Perspective of the Book’s Final Form.”
Kirk-Duggan, Cheryl A. Perfection, Holiness, and Sin: the Dance and Matrix of Wesleyan Thought, Atonement, Prayer, and Song as Relates to the Character and Formation of God’s People
Klaiber, Walter.The Missionary Perspective of the Pauline Doctrine of Justification: A Response to the ‘New Perspective’.”
Marbury, Herbert R.“Persian Dominion in Nehemiah: Reading Church and State Engagement.”
Richardson, Neil.In the World, but not of it: A Serious Distortion of New Testament Theology?
Rodgers,  Richard E. A. “Discovering the Feminine: A Bible Study on Three Women in the New Testament. Models for the role of women in the Church in India.”
Samuel, Calvin T.Overlooked Voices on Holiness: An Exploration of the Idea of Holiness for the Formation of God’s People in the Wisdom, Petrine, and Hebrews Traditions.”
Shin, SuJung.A Development of a Political Theory in the Post-Exilic Prophecy of Haggai and Zachariah 1-8.”
Thompson, Richard P.Can the Character and Mission of God’s People Clash? The Formation (and Re-Formation) of God’s People and the Book of Acts.”
Vena, Osvaldo D.Jesus as Disciple of the Kingdom”(published as “The Markan Construction of Jesus as Disciple of the Kingdom,” in Mark: Texts @ Context Series, edited by Teresa Okure, Daniel M. Patte and Nicole Wilkinson Duran. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2011).
Wall, Lynne.Vocation in Mark’s Gospel: The Passion Predictions.”
Wall, Rob.Leading God’s Household: 1 Timothy 3:1–4:6.
Yoo, Yani. “Esther’s Leadership and Its Complicated Legacy to Korean Methodist Women.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Day, Linda
Hill, Craig
Klaiber, Annegret
Lo, Lung-kwong (gave plenary address)
Mailo Fuaivaa, Mosese
Ward, Hope Morgan


Conveners: Richard Heitzenrater & Ted Campbell


Brockwell, Charles W. Jr.To Reform the Church: Parish Priesthood in Primitive Methodism.”
Bryant, Barry E.John Wesley on ’Searching the Scriptures’: Reading, Meditating, Hearing, Doing.”
Campbell, Ted A.Methodist Ecclesiologies and Methodist Sacred Spaces.”
Chilcote, Paul W. “‘Claim Me for Thy Service’: Charles Wesley’s Vision of Servant Vocation” (published in Proceedings of The Charles Wesley Society 11 [2006–7]: 69–85).
Chung-Kim, Esther.The Lord’s Supper: Banquet for All.
Clapper, Gregory S.How the ‘Present Age’ Can Help Us Fulfill Our Calling.”
Collins, Kenneth J.John Wesley’s Understanding of Christian Mission as the Key to His Doctrine of the Church.
Danker, Ryan Nicholas.The Younger Brother Unveiled: Charles Wesley and Anglicanism in Colonial Boston.”
Eby, Patrick.Charles Wesley and the Lay Preachers: Reformation without Schism” (published as “Reforming the Church: Charles Wesley’s Ecclesiology and the Role of Lay Preachers,” Proceedings of the Charles Wesley Society 11 [2006-7]: 59–68).
Forsaith, Peter S.Moorfields, Mollies and Methodists: The Co-incidences of Two Divergent Subcultures in Eighteenth Century England.”
Heitzenrater, Richard. “The Brothers Wesley on Music and Poetry.”
Kimbrough, ST Jr.Wesleyan Ecclesiology: Charles Wesley’s Understanding of the Nature of the Church.”
Kisker, Scott.Progressively Justified: Justifying Grace and Justifying Faith Prior to Justification.
Lee, Hoo-Jung.Wesley and Macarius on the Life of Prayer.”
McCormick, Steve.The ‘Silent Orthodoxies’ of God’s Mission: Rethinking Wesley’s ‘Means of Grace’ as the ‘Market Practices’ of the Missio Dei.
Ochoa Lonji, Jorge Alberto.Theology which Liberates Itself Becoming Liberator: Proposal of a Contextual Methodist Theology coming from Latin America.”
Ochoa Lonji, Jorge Alberto.Teología que se Libera para Liberar: Propuesta de una Teología Metodista contextual a partir de América Latina” (published in Apuntes 28.3 [2008]: 84–118).
Renders, Helmut.The Social Soteriology of John Wesley and Its Communitarian, Arminian and Public Elements” (published as “A Soteriologia Social de John Wesley,” in Passos para uma Teologia Wesleyana Brasileira, edited by Helmut Renders [São Bernardo do Campo: Editeo, 2007], 53–87).
Turner, Michael K. “‘To Serve the Present Age’: Service, Commitment and Compromise in Early Methodism.”
Wheeler, Sondra.Wielding the Sword: John Wesley’s Biblical Hermeneutics on Wealth.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Cáceres, Raquel
Donigan, George
Kurewa, John
Macquiban, Tim  (gave plenary address)


Conveners: Douglas Strong & Margaret Jones


Beck, Brian E.Richard Matthews: A Layman Overlooked” (published in Epworth Review 35.3 [July 2008]: 52–63).
Cavazos, Mary Kay.Considering What Others Say I Am: African-American Women and Foreign Mission, 1945–60.”
Davis, Morris. “Seeing Need and Defining ‘Christian Civilization:’ American Methodist Missions and the use of Photography.”
Dickerson, Dennis C.The Wesleyan Witness in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement: The Allen Legacy Against 20th Century American Apartheid” (published in A.M.E. Church Review 123 [Oct.-Dec. 2007]: 19–41).
LaCelle-Peterson, Kristina. “‘Our Calling to Fulfill’: Laura Haviland and Frances Willard Serving their ‘Present Age’ in Two Strands of Nineteenth Century Methodism.”
Loza Machicado, Gustavo.La Misión de la Iglesia Metodista se hace parte del Tejido Histórico en Bolivia.”
Matthews, Rex D.Church Membership and Pastoral Authority in American Methodism” (published as “Church Membership and Pastoral Authority in The United Methodist Church and Its Antecedents,” Methodist Review 2 [2010]: 69–136).
Newburg, Kevin D.Methodist Sermons as a Lens Through Which to View the Impact of Broader Cultural Changes on the Life of the Church, 1880–1905.
Noble, Janie S.A Calling to Fulfill: Women in 19th Century American Methodism.”
Oconer, Luther Jeremiah.‘Fullness of the Spirit’, the Goal of Christian Life: The Holiness Advocacy of Bishops James Mills Thoburn and Francis Wesley Warne of India.”
Pope-Levison, Priscilla.Racial Crossovers in the Progressive Era: Amanda Berry Smith and Emma Ray” (published as “Methodist Interracial Cooperation in the Progressive Era: Amanda Berry Smith and Emma Ray,” Methodist History, 49.2 [2011]: 68–85); and “Emma Ray in Black and White: The Intersection of Race, Region, and Religion” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 102:3 [Summer 2011]: 107–16).
Puślecki, Edward.Early Understanding of the Methodist Church in Poland by the Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.”
Richey, Russell E.Understandings of Ecclesiology in United Methodism” (published as “Die praktizierte Ekklesiologie des Methodismus,” in Kirchliches Leben in methodistischer Tradition, edited by Achim Härtner, et al. [Göttingen : Ruprecht, 2010], 21–56).
Robbins, Bruce W.Methodists in Search of Unity amidst Division: Considering the Values and Costs of Unity and Separation in the Face of Two Moral Crises: Slavery and Sexual Orientation.”
Schuler, Ulrike. “‘Crusade for Christ’: A Methodist Crusade in the Middle of the 20th Century.”
Stephens, Darryl W. “‘A Dialogue Has Now Begun’: European Adaptations of the United Methodist Social Principles.” (update published as “A Cross-Cultural Dialogue of Social Principles,” Methodist History 54 [2016]: 102–16).

Strong, Douglas M.Methodist Hermeneutics Regarding Slavery.”
Wellings, Martin.Renewal, Reunion and Revival: Three British Methodist Approaches to ‘serving the present age’ in the 1950s” (published in online section of Epworth Review 35.4 [Oct. 2008]).
Woolley, Tim.From the Prairies to the Potteries: Cultural Adaptation and the English Camp Meeting.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Boots, Wilson
Freeman, George
Jones, Margaret
Williams, Robert
Yrigoyen, Charles


Conveners: Craig Keen & Sarah Lancaster


Charlton, Matthew.That’s Not So Odd: The Spiritless Church in a Post Christian Age.”
Colón-Emeric, Edgardo Antonio.A Church without Saints Forgets how to Serve.”
Dabney, D. Lyle. “‘The Peculiar Business of an Apostle’: The ‘Great Commission’ and the Tendency of Wesley’s Speech about God the Father.
Forster, Dion.The Appropriation of Wesleyan Pragmatism and Social Holiness in Southern African Methodism” (published in amended format as “God’s mission in our context – critical questions, healing and transforming responses,” in D. Forster & W. Bentley, eds., Methodism in Southern Africa.  A celebration of Wesleyan Mission [Kempton Park: AcadSA Publishers, 2008], 70–99).
Harrison, Nonna Verna.Serving and Being Served as Image of God.”
Howcroft, Kenneth G.Christian Conferring: A Way of Discerning, Witnessing and Making Truth Claims in the Present Age.
Keen, Craig.Working Out the Body and Blood of Christ on the Eighth Day of Creation: Toward a Martyr-Ecclesiology.”
Kerr, Nathan R. Participation, Perfection and Political Discipleship: The Christological Bases of Mission.”
Koskela, Douglas M.Challenge and Promise: Apostolicity and the Methodist Vocation to ‘Serve the Present Age’” (published as “‘But who laid hands on him?’ Apostolicity and Methodist Ecclesiology,” Pro Ecclesia, 20.1 [2011]: 28–42).
Lancaster, Sarah Heaner.Being Happy in God: Implications for the Nature and Mission of the Church.”
Leão Neto, R. F.Evangelism: A Catholic Methodist Approach.”
Marsh, Clive.Would Wesley have gone to the Movies: Towards a Dynamic Pneumatology ‘for the Present Age’” (published in Epworth Review 37.1 [2010]: 6–17).
Oden, Amy G.The Exercise of Our Churchly Character: A Modest Proposal.”
Pieterse, Hendrik R.Opting for the Margins, Again: Recovering an Episcopal Vision.
Sano, Roy I.Witness of the Spirit in Salvation and Service.”
Souza, José Carlos de.Towards an Inclusive, Missionary and Peregrine Ecclesiology: Recovering Lost Links of the Wesleyan Tradition” (published as “Por uma Eclesiologia Inclusiva, Missionária e Peregrina: Retomano elos Perdidos da Tradição Wesleyana,” in Passos para uma Teologia Wesleyana Brasileira, edited by Helmut Renders [São Bernardo do Campo: Editeo, 2007], 107–135; and “Eine inklusive, missionarische Kirche auf dem Weg : Wiederentdeckung verlorener Verbindungen wesleyanischer Tradition,” in Kirchliches Leben in methodistischer Tradition, edited by Achim Härtner, et al. [Göttingen : Ruprecht, 2010], 255–72).
Thaarup, Joergen.Liturgy and Dogmatic.
Thorsen, Don.Solus Gratia, Solus Fide, and Solus Scriptura: Reforming Protestant Principles to Serve the Present Age.
Wilson, Michael P.To Serve the Present Age: An Examination of the Theological Alternative to Veiling.”
Wood, Andrew.The Extraordinary and the Ordinary: Vocation as a Mutual Reading of Scripture and Contemporary Culture.

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Meeks, M. Douglas
Nelson, Susan L.
Ngurliana, Rev.
Suchocki, Marjorie (gave plenary address)
Willimon, Will (gave plenary address)


Conveners: Bryan Stone & Rui de Souza Josgrilberg


Atkins, Martyn.From Darkness to Light: Lessons in Disciple-Making from our Great-Grandparents in Christ.”
Chang, Sung-Bae.The Anabaptist Movement and Its Church Structure.”
Hall, Gary P.Beyond Virtual Experience: Sustaining Liberationist Commitment in a Brave New World” (published as “Choosing Life or Second Life? Discipleship and Agency in a Mediated Culture,” International Review of Mission 97 [2008]: 7–20).
Heath, Elaine A.Ecstasy: Mysticism and Mission in the Wesleyan Tradition.”
Hunter, George G. III.The ‘Emotionally Relevant’ Congregation
Innis, John G.Evangelism and Mission: Their Impact on United Methodism in Liberia.”
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza.John Wesley and Practical Christianity: Theology Worked Out From and For Life” (published as “Uma Teologia Que Nasce Da e Para Vida: A ‘Teologia do Caminho da Salvação’ ou ‘O Cristianismo Prático’ de John Wesley,” in Passos para uma Teologia Wesleyana Brasileira, edited by Helmut Renders [São Bernardo do Campo: Editeo, 2007], 11–34).
Kohler, Robert F.The Myths and Ministry of United Methodism: A Church in Search of a Mission.”
Kasongo, Michael O.Cultural Differences between Blacks and Whites.”
Martin, Robert K.Incarnational Sacramentality in Dynamic Wesleyan Ecclesiology.”
Meade, Joan Delsol.Pastoral Care in Disaster: A Theological Reflection.”
Middleton, Sarah.Changing Perceptions: Methodism’s Engagement with the Modern Art World.”
Shim, Gunshik.A Call for Service at the Present Age: A Lesson from Korean Methodism.”
Siuhengalu, Tevita M.Ethnocentrism, as Opposed to Effective Proclamation of the Gospel of Life.”
Stone, Bryan.Toward a Wesleyan Theology of the Congregation.”
Suárez, Fernando H.What is the Meaning of Evangelization in a Globalized World?” (published as “La necesidad de proclamar el evangelio en un mundo globalizado: una perspectiva wesleyana,” Cuadernos de teología 27 [2008]: 157–77).
Whitfield, D. Max. “The Application of Wesley’s Approach for Methodism in the United States.”
Wingeier-Rayo, Philip. “John Wesley’s Missiology: A Review of Moravian Contributions.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Boots, Nora
Fox, Eddie
Lockmann, Paulo Tarso de Oliveira
Martínez, Raquel
Mulrain, George
Steinwert, Tiffany


Conveners: Ted Jennings, Néstor Míguez, & Jong-Chun Park

Background paper:

Jennings, Theodore W. Jr.
John Wesley (and Empire)” (published in Empire and the Christian Tradition, edited by Kwok Pui-lan et al. [Minneapolis: Fortress, 2007], 257–69).


Abraham, William J.The Political Theology of President George W. Bush.”
Bruno, Daniel A.Multitudes and Methodism: Ambiguities and Possibilities.”
Couture, Pamela.Congolese Peacemaking and Media Image” (published as “Demystifying the War in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Journal of Pastoral Theology 17 [2007]: 15–26).
Dube, Jimmy G.Methodism and Socio-Political Action in Zimbabwe, 2000-2007” (published with same title in Concerned Africa Scholars Journal [2008]; and as “Der Methodismus und sozialpolitisches Engagement in Simbabwe zwischen 2000 und 2007,” in Kirchliches Leben in methodistischer Tradition, edited by Achim Härtner, et al. [Göttingen : Ruprecht, 2010], 217–32).
Eberhart, Timothy Reinhold.A Plain Account of Daily Bread: Christian Perfection and the Politics of Food.”
Gumbs, Wycherley.A Review of Cell/Class Groups and Their Impact on Church Growth.”
Jennings, Theodore W. Jr.Lessons from Lenin.”
Lee, Peter K. H. Virtue Ethics, Confucian Moral Teachings, Wesleyan Spirituality: In a Changing Asian Context.
Míguez, Néstor. “Jesus and Democracy: Popular Claims, Messianic Times, and De-eschatologizing Empire.”
Oliveira Ribeiro, Claudio de.Wesley and the Poor: A Latin American Approach to the Focus on the Poor in Wesley’s Sermons.
Park, Jong-Chun.Ethics of Compassion and Economy of Love: Rethinking Confucian Economics as an Alternative to Global Capitalism.”
Rieger, Joerg.Methodism and Empire.”
Robinson, Elaine A.The Church contra Empire: Dismantling the Denominational Diaspora; Rethinking World(ly) Methodism and its Neocolonial Practices.”
Smith, Fred.Shalomalization: To Create the Beloved Community. Ecclesiology, Mission and Vocation.”
Trickett, David.Equipping Transformational Leaders Today: Engaging Critical Global Challenges So There Can be a Tomorrow.
Voigt, Christof.Some Remarks on Deconstruction and Difference in Terms of Globalization.”
Withrow, Lisa R.Success and the Prosperity Gospel: From Commodification to Transformation, A Wesleyan Perspective” (published in Journal of Religious Leadership 6.2 [Fall 2007]: 15–41).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Abrahams, Ivan (gave plenary address)
Amerson, Philip
Del Pino, Jerome King


Conveners: Angela Shier-Jones & Michael Nausner


Albin, Tom. “Prayer, Passion and the Spiritual Power to Serve the Present Age.”
Anderson, Sheryl.Formation for Ministry: Do We Reap What We Sow?”
Conklin-Miller, Jeffrey.Holy Peoples or a Holy People? Reflections and Questions for Faithful (United Methodist) Ecclesiology, Formation and Evangelism.”
Crandall, Ron.ABIDE: A Model for Renewing Smaller Congregations.”
Dass, Sujeev. “Pastoral Visits: A Tradition, a Duty, and an Opportunity for Christian Formation.”
Devadhar, Sudarshana.Christian Formation Pilgrimages of the Twenty-First Century.”
Farris, Patricia & Susan Henry-Crow.Serving the Age, Transforming the World: A New Model of Christian Formation.”
Hall, Beverly.What do Methodists Need to “Serve the Present Age’ and ‘Fulfill Our Calling’? Transformational Education and Appreciative Inquiry.”
Manskar, Steven W.To Serve the Present Age: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ.
Nausner, Michael.Cultural Boundary Experience and the Methodist Connection” (published as “Kulturelle Grenzerfahrung und die methodistische Konnexio,” in Kirchliches Leben in methodistischer Tradition, edited by Achim Härtner, et al. [Göttingen : Ruprecht, 2010], 273–95).
Oh, Sungjoo.Beyond Prejudice and Violence: Peace Education for Adolescents Becoming Young Adults in the Post-Modern World.”
Park, HiRho Y.Feminist Biblical Interpretation and Theological Education for Future Ordinands in The United Methodist Church.”
Purushotham, Gwen.Supervision as a Means of Grace” (published as “Aufsicht als Gnadenmittel,” in Kirchliches Leben in methodistischer Tradition, edited by Achim Härtner, et al. [Göttingen : Ruprecht, 2010], 90–111).
Rankin, Stephen W. “Re-Balancing the Cognitive Legacy: The Religious Affections in Christian Formation.”
Richardson, Neville.Methodist Ministerial Training and Theological Education in Southern Africa: Have We Hit the Wall, or Is There a Road Ahead?” (published in Missionalia 35 [2007]: 131–52).
Shier-Jones, Angela. “Cutting Our Cloth to Suit Our Christology: Discernment and Vocation as Theological Statement.”
Smith, Jennifer H. “‘Vexing the Devil’ at Villa Road: Recovering the Language of Holiness in Christian Formation.”
Toppin, Shirlyn.Can the Shepherd Model be an Effective Tool in Pastoral Practice and Christian Formation?
Tullett, Martin.How Can a White Minister ‘Serve the Present Age, Our Calling to Fulfill’ within a Black Majority Congregation?
Warner, Laceye.Spreading Scriptural Holiness: Theology and Practices of Early Methodism for the Contemporary Church” (published in Asbury Journal 63 [2008]: 115–38).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Clymer, Wayne
Ruach, Susan


Conveners: Robin Lovin & David Wilkinson


Armistead, Kathy.Feelings of Deadness: A Pathology for Our Time.”
Beach, Maxine Clarke.Wesley’s Class Meetings: Chaos and Community as a New Interpretation.”
Blackwell, Philip L.A Reflection on Ways of Thinking.”
Boyd, Craig A. “Created Goodness or Mythological Perfection: Reflections on the Genesis Narrative.
Carter, Kenneth H., Jr.A Wesleyan Engagement with the Human Genome Project: Reflection on Creation, Justice and Hope.”
Covault, Corbin E.Whither the Experimentalist: Some Consequences of Taking Both Science and Religion Seriously.”
Deeks, David G.Voles, Networks and the Knowledge of God.”
Knox, E. Richard.How Might We Begin Talking When We are Seated in Different Pews.”
Hall, Amy Laura.Conceiving Parenthood: Methodism and the Spirit of Reproduction.”
Maddox, Randy L.Anticipating the New Creation: Foundational Convictions and Historical Limitations of John Wesley’s Ecotheology.
Oord, Thomas Jay.Divine Action in the Present Age.”
Potter, Jennifer.Deceiving Ourselves: How We Fail to Act on Our Knowledge about Climate Change.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Madron, Tom
Nascimento, Amos
Rundell, Jay
Lovin, Robin (gave plenary address)


Conveners: Karen Westerfield Tucker & Robert Gribben


Anderson, E. Byron (Ron).The Power of Godliness to Know: Charles Wesley and the Means of Grace” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 43.2 [Fall 2008]: 7–27).
Dalton, Ron.Perfecting Worship & the New World: Formation, Discernment and Moral Transformation.”
Gribben, Robert.The Flag versus the Cross: An Australian Case Study on Funeral Practice.”
Kim, Elena.What Differs and What Unites the Worship and Liturgy of the Eurasian UMC.”
Liu, Gerald C.Singing and Setting the Sanctus: A Proposal for Methodist Eucharistic Practice and Sacramental Living.”
Loyer, Kenneth.Participating in the Saving Purposes of God: Theological Reflections on Charles Wesley’s Hymns of Intercession” (published in Doxology 25 [2008]: 38–64).
Lyons, Andy.The Purpose of Sunday Worship in British Methodist Churches.
Mount, Sarah.Camp Meetings in New England: From Centers of Fiery ‘Red-Hot Methodists’ to Interesting Institutes” (published in Doxology 25 [2008]: 3–37).
Park, Haejung.A Study of The New Korean Book of Worship: Its Liturgical Significance and Limitations” (published in Doxology 25 [2008]: 65–83).
Pasquarello, Michael III. “‘I do indeed live by preaching’: John Wesley and the Preaching Life” (expanded into John Wesley: A Preaching Life [Nashville: Abingdon, 2010]).
Phillips, L. Edward. “From Collection to Offering: The Ritualization of Money in American Methodism.”
Simeone, María Inés.Towards a Renovation in Liturgy – Integrating and Inclusive – in the IMU (Methodist Church in Uruguay).”
Smith, Susan Marie.Generating Rituals for the Journey of Faith: A Proposal toward Realized Baptismal Ecclesiology.”
Tucker, Karen Westerfield. “‘Show Us Thy Salvation’: Charles Wesley and the Liturgical Year.”
Vidamour, Nicola.Rebuilding the Temple: Methodist Worship in Post-Soviet Russia.
Wall, Terry.To Serve the Present Age: Prophetic Mysticism in the Hymns of Bill Wallace.”
Wallace, Robin Knowles.The Church of Christ in Every Age.”
Zürcher, Stefan. “‘Your Will be Done’: On the Relation of Praying and Acting.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Carveley, Kenneth
Edusa-Eyison, Joseph
Handschin, Esther
Kim, Oe-shik
Meeks, Blair
Moman, Mary Ann
Sirkovska, Dana
Thaarup, Charlotte


Conveners: Geoffrey Wainwright & Gillian Kingston


Ahn, Deok-Weon.Chudo Yebae in Korean Protestantism: A Model of Liturgical Inculturation.”
Bolen, Donald & W. Douglas Mills.The Ecumenical Exchange of Gifts: Methodist and Catholic Perspectives.”
Carter, David.Methodism, Confessionality, Confessionalism and Catholic Vocation.
Chester, Michael.Searching in the Wilderness: Jewish Christian Relations Today, the Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel”.
Chun, Young-Ho.John Wesley’s ‘Way of Salvation’: Reassessment.”
Clutterbuck, Richard.Ireland and the Call to Koinonia.”
Hayden, Sean.By Faith Alone—But Whose? The Joint Declaration and Methodist Association in Light of the New Perspective(s) on Paul.”
Kim, Don Sik.Cosmo-Anthopological Implications of Taoist ‘Way’ Towards the Global Christianity.”
Kim, Hong-Ki. “A Wesleyan Interpretation of the ‘2006 Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification.’”
Kingston, Gillian.The Methodist / Roman Catholic International Commission” (published as “Methodist/Roman Catholic Relations Strengthening Each Other’s Hand in God,” Centro Pro Unione Bulletin 71 [2007]: 14–23).
Potter, Claire.Ghanaian Methodists in London: Implications for British Methodism.”
Song, Sung Jin.God and Heaven: A Theological Encounter with Tu Wei-ming’s Confucian Thought.
Stephens, W. Peter.Understanding Islam — In the  Light of Bullinger and Wesley” (published in Evangelical Quarterly 81 [2009]: 23–37).
Tan, Malcolm Thian-Hock.Interfaith Encounters and a Gospel of Shalom: The Danger of Delinking Ecumenism and Missions, Reflections of a Singaporean Methodist.”
Tuttle, Robert G. Jr.Islam and the Church: Any Hope for the Future?”
Wong, Tik-Wah. “Sharing Christ’s Peace in a Pluralistic Context: Revisiting the Relevance of John Wesley’s Pastoral Advice.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Oduyoye, Mercy
Kim, Don Sik
Mattos, Paulo Ayres (gave plenary address)

Working Groups at 2002 Institute

The Call for Proposals for these groups can be found in OXFORDnotes5.2
Final reports for most groups are provided in OXFORDnotes6.1

Note: In cases where their presentations have not been published elsewhere, some presenters have chosen to post their papers on this website. Available papers are linked & designated by underlines.


Conveners: Bruce Birch & Lung-Kwong Lo


Anderson, Cheryl B. “The New Creation: What’s Law Got to do with It? John Wesley, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Need for an Inclusive Interpretive Hermeneutic.”
Birch, Bruce. “The Creative Arts as Exegetical Lens: Genesis 22” (incorporated into “The Arts, Midrash, and Biblical Teaching,” in Arts, Theology, and the Church: New Intersections, edited by K. Vrudny & W. Yates [New York: Pilgrim, 2005], 105–24).
Bowen, Nancy R. “Recovering from Trauma: Visions of a New Creation in Ezekiel 34–48” (incorporated into Ezekiel [Nashville: Abingdon, 2010]).
Day, Linda. “Creation Themes in Qoheleth.”
Heim, Knut. “The Personification of Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs: Literary Function and Theological Impact.”
Johnson, Andy. “Imagining the New Creation: On the Hermeneutical Priority of Jesus’ Resurrection in Transformed Flesh” (incorporated into “The ‘New Creation,’ the Crucified and Risen Christ, and the Temple: A Pauline Audience for Mark,” Journal of Theological Interpretation 1 [2007]: 171-91).
Lull, David J. “All Creation Groans (Romans 8:18–25).” 
Stanley, John E. “The New Creation as a People and City in Rev 21:1–22:5” (published in Asbury Theological Journal 60.2 [Fall 2005]: 25-38).
Tullett, Martin. “The Image of the City and the Bride in Revelation 21.”
Vincent, John. “The Markan Version of the Imitation of Christ.”
Wall, Robert W. “Images of Creation in 1–2 Timothy” (published as “1 Timothy 2:9–15 Reconsidered (again!),” Bulletin of Biblical Research 14.1 [2004]: 81–104).
Wong, Eric K. C. “Paul’s Understanding of Marriage – A Development of Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce” (incorporated into “The De-Radicalization of Jesus’ Ethical Sayings in Romans,”Novum Testamentum 43 [2001]: 245–63).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Hill, Craig C.
Ireblad, Tord
Kok, Ezra H. S.
Míguez, Néstor O. (gave plenary address)
Minnick, C. P. Jr.
Rettenmeyer, Stephen C.
Rogers, Richard E. A.
Vincent, John J.


Conveners: Ted Campbell & Elaine Robinson


Blevins, Dean G. “Practicing the New Creation: Wesley’s Eschatological Community Formed by the Means of Grace” (published in Asbury Theological Journal 57.2–58.1 [2002–3]: 81–105).
Collins, Kenneth J. “The New Creation as a Multivalent Theme in John Wesley’s Theology” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 37.2 [2002]: 77–102).
Cubie, David L. “Wesley’s Ecumenical Bridge.”
Dreyer, Frederick. “Methodism: A New Creation?” (cf. “John Wesley: Ein Englisher Pietist,”Methodist History 40 [2002]:71–84).
Gunter, W. Stephen. “Soteriology in Arminius, Wesley, and Limborch” (published as “John Wesley, Een getrouw vertegenwoordiger van Jakobus Arminius,” in Balans van een eeuw: Wendignen in de Historiografie van het Christendom, 1901–2001, edited by Jack de Mooij & Ineke Smit [Heerenveen: Groen, 2002], 166–81).
Hall, Beverly A. “Rooted and Built Up: Women, Faith Development and the Wesleyan Perspective.”
Heitzenrater, Richard P. “Graceful Ministry in the Wesleyan Heritage.”
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Robinson, Elaine A. “Christ Creating All Things New: The New Creation in Charles Wesley’s Theology.”
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Tyson, John R. “The Political Meaning of Christian Liberty: A Wesleyan Approach” (published as “Christian Liberty as Full Redemption: Charles Wesley’s Approach,” Wesleyan Theological Journal 38.2 [2003]: 143–74; and “John Wesley’s Critique of Liberal Democracy.” Wesleyan Theological Journal 40.2 [2005]: 102–22).
Wallace, Charles I. “Antepast of Heaven? Eating and Drinking with the Wesleys at Oxford” (cf. the related essay “Eating and Drinking with John Wesley: The Logic of His Practice,”Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 85.2–3 [2003]: 137–55).
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Zele, Adam. “Wesley and the Countess of Huntingdon: Their Theologies of Slavery and Missions to Slaves.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Albin, Tom
Forsaith, Peter
Hassinger, Susan
Iwamoto, Sukenari
Minor, Catherine


Conveners: Douglas Strong & Margaret Jones


Choi, Meesaeng Lee. “Scriptural Holiness and Eschatology as a Vision of the New Creation: From the Story of Sang-Jun Kim and Juji Nakada” (published in Journal of Sungkyul (Holiness) Theology 1 [2004]: 322–44).
Dayton, Donald W. “The New Creation and Social Transformation in Wesleyanism: A Theological Meditation with 19th Century Illustrations.”
Dickerson, Dennis C. “Methodism and Millennialism: The Construction of A.M.E. Church Identity, 1881–1901” (published in A.M.E. Church Review 118.4 [2002]: 16–29; and Dickerson, A Liberated Past: Explorations in AME Church History, 35–51 [Nashville: AME Sunday School Union, 2003]).
Jones, Margaret P.“New Creation” in the East End Mission, 1885-97.”
O’Malley, J. Steven. “The Role of African Americans in the Millennial Vision of the United Brethren in Christ: The Case of Joseph and Mary Gomer.” (published in AME Church Review39 [2003]: 56–65).
Park, Myung Soo. “The 20th Century Holiness Movement and Korean Holiness Groups” (published as “OMS International and the Korea Evangelical Holiness Church,” Wesleyan Theological Journal 40.1 [2005]: 138–71).
Rodell, Jonathan. “The New Creation: The Changing Ambitions of British Morality in the Early 19th Century.”
Sano, Roy I. “Theological Reconstructions and Historical Agenda.”
Snyder, Howard A. “Stephen Olin and John Wesley Redfield: A Study in Early 19th-Century American Methodism” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 41.1[2006]: 205-22).
Stanley, Susie C. “Social Holiness as a Means of Realizing the New Creation.” (cf. Stanley,Holy Boldness: Women Preachers’ Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self [Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2002]).
Topolewski, John L. “Which Way EJ?: In Search of a New Creation” (published in Methodist History 42 [2004]: 71–87).
Turner, Michael K. “The Form and Function of Methodist Autobiography.”
Turner, J. Munsey. “Did Methodism Prevent Revolution” (published in Turner, John Wesley: The Evangelical Revival and the Rise of Methodism in England [Peterborough: Epworth, 2002], 131–50).
Valsalen, Frederick J. “New Creation: Signs of New Creation in the Methodist Church in India, with Special Reference to the Tribal Belts of M.P.”
Warner, Laceye. “‘Toward the Light’: Methodist Episcopal Deaconess Work 1885–1910” (published in Methodist History 43 [2005]: 169–82).
Wellings, Martin. “Nurturing the New Creation: Patterns of Discipleship in Twentieth Century British Methodism.”
Woodruff, Jennifer Lynn, “‘Purposeful Living’: Images of the Kingdom of God in Methodist Sunday School Worship.”
Young, Emily. [title unclear]

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Lockward, Jorge A.
Macquiban, Timothy A. S.
Richey, Russell E. (gave plenary address)
Yrigoyen, Charles Jr.


Conveners: Charles Wood & Norman Young


Dabney, D. Lyle. “Discovering Our Self: Initial Reflections on the Challenge of Wesleyan Theology Today.”
Gibbins, Olive. “New Creation and the Learning Organisation: The Process of Sanctification.”
Jennings, Theodore W. Jr. “Theological Principles for Global Economic Justice.”
Keen, Craig. “Toward a Theology of Nature.”
Lancaster, Sarah Heaner. “Capable of God: Evolution and New Creation” (published inTheology and Science 3 [2005]:197–210).
Reynolds, Mark Emery. “Myth, American Culture, and Sanctification: A Sociological, Psychoanalytic, and Theological Analysis” (published in Quarterly Review 23 [2003]: 29–44).
Rieger, Joerg. “Beyond Burnout: New Creation and the Economics of Grace in Late Capitalism” (published in Quarterly Review 24 [2004]: 67–79; and in German as “Ausgebrannte Christen? Die neue Schöpfung und die Ökonomie der Gnade im globalen Kaptalismus,” in Lass deines Geistes Wirken sehen, edited by Christoph Raedel [Stuttgart: Christliches Verlagshaus, 2004] 115–31).
Shier-Jones, Angela. “A Questionable Creation?”
Smith, J. Warren. “The Hope of Holiness: A Comparison of the Eschatologies of Gregory of Nyssa and John Wesley” (published as “John Wesley’s Growth in Grace and Gregory of Nyssa’s Epectasy: A Conversation in Dynamic Perfection,” Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 85.2–3 [2003]: 347–57).
Weber, Theodore R. “New Creation as Myth and The Recovery of the Political Image of God.”
Wilkinson, David. “The End of it All: Cosmology and Christian Eschatology in Dialogue.”
Wilson, Michael P. “Shame, Bodiliness and Salvation” (abridged publication as “Nakedness, Bodiliness, and the New Creation,” Modern Believing 47.3 [July 2006]: 42–50).
Wood, Charles M. “Providence and a New Creation.”
Young, Norman. “Naming the Creator and Facing the Consequences” (published in A Thoughtful Life: Essays in Philosophical Theology, edited by Weeks and Reid [Melbourne, Australian Theological Forum, 2006]).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Bastos, Levy da Costa
Chun, Young-Ho
Keller, Catherine
Maddox, Randy L. (gave keynote address)
Meeks, M. Douglas
Park, Jong-Chun (gave plenary address)
Pieterse, Hendrick R.
Young, Josiah U. III (gave plenary address)


Conveners: Theodore Runyon & Rui de Souza Josgrilberg


Arias, Mortimer. “Mission in Latin America – ‘The Land of One Thousand Religious Faces’ – A Wesleyan Perspective.”
Atkins, Martyn. “Postmodern, Postchristian Britain and Shapes of Church to Come.”
Bruno, Daniel A. “Mission and Power: A Critical Perspective from Methodist History” (published as “El Juan Wesley del que debemos aprender … a no hacer lo mismo,” El Estandarte Evangélico [Sept–Oct 2002]).
Devadhar, Sudarshana. “Is Samartha’s Concept Relevant to the Christian Mission In North America?”
Ferrari, Beatriz. “Shared Mission: From Women In Latin America.”
Jacob, Emmanuel M. “Changing ‘from Glory to Glory’: Toward a Radical Transformation of Relationships in Mission.”
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza. “The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Globalization.”
Kang, Youngsook Charlene. “Christian Mission in a Multi-Faith World: Interreligious Solidarity against Economic Globalization.”
Messer, Donald E. “Global Aids: What Would John Wesley Do?” (excerpts published in Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence: Christian Churches and the Global AIDS Crisis
[Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2004]).

Mulrain, George. “Poor Hopes for a New Creation?”
Nausner, Michael. “Self and Economy: Self-Interest as Contributing to the Common Good?”
Randolph, Richard O. “Wesley’s Contribution to Christian Ethics in an Age of Global Capitalism.”
Runyon, Theodore. “Christian Mission and Globalization Working Group: an Introduction.”
Singh, Godwin R. “New Creation in the Contexts of Religious Pluralism and the Wesleyan Critique.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Boots, Wilson T.
Byrd, Linda R.
Clutterbuck, Diane
Dandala, Mvume (gave plenary address)
Henry-Crowe, Susan T.
Meade, Joan Delsol
Stubbings, Roger


Conveners: Karen Westerfield Tucker & Judith Maizel-Long


Anderson, E. Byron (Ron). “A Day of New Beginnings: Wesleyan Theologies of the New Birth, 1780 and 1989” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 38.2 [2003]: 230–50).
Carveley, Kenneth C. “The Remains of the Day: A Methodist Disposition.”
Chilcote, Paul Wesley. “The Spirituality of Early Methodist Women” (incorporated intoIntroduction of Early Methodist Spirituality: Selected Women’s Writings [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2006]).
Crews, Rowan D. Jr. “The Liturgy of Exorcism: Sign of God’s New Creation.”
Escamilla, Roberto. “Evangelistic Preaching in the Hispanic Cultural Context.”
Eschmann, Holger. “The Healing Touch: The Liturgical Movement of the St. Thomas Mass as a European Model for a Postmodern Worship” (published as “Worship for Doubters and Other Good Christians: Learning from the Thomas Mass,” Reformed Worship Nr. 67 [March 2003]: 14–16; and “Ein Gottesdienst für Zweifler und andere gute Christen: Vom Segen der Thomasmesse,” UNA SANCTA 58 [2003]: 216–24).
Green, Barbara Thorington. “Defining and Describing the Preaching of Ordained Clergywomen: A Study of Six Interviews” (incorporated into “Images of Preaching and the Preacher held by United Methodist Clergywomen in the United States” [Boston University Th.D. thesis, 2004]).
Greenwaldt, Karen. “New Creation, New Life: Toward a Statement on Eucharistic Theology and Practice in The United Methodist Church.”
Lim, Isaac. “The Presence of God and the New Creation.”
Maizel-Long, Judith. “The New Creation in Graham Sutherland’s Burial of Christ.”
Phillips, L. Edward. “The New and Improved Creation! The Commodification of Liturgy as Parody of a Wesleyan Theme” (published in Doxology 20 [2003]: 20–39).
Pickard, Donald A. “Frederick Pratt Green as a Wesleyan Hymnwriter, with Particular Reference to the Theme of the New Creation.”
Ruth, Lester. “Experiencing Grace and ‘Getting Happy’ among Early American Methodists” (published as Chapter 5 in Ruth, Early Methodist Life and Spirituality [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2005]).
Tucker, Karen Westerfield. “‘The New Creation Rises’: Hymns on the Earthquakes” (published as “‘On the Occasion’: Charles Wesley’s Hymns on the London Earthquakes of 1750,” Methodist History 42 [2004]: 197–221).
Wall, Terry. “New Creation in the Work of New Zealand Methodist hymn writer Colin Gibson” (published as “New Creation: Theology in the Hymns of Colin Gibson,” Music in the Air 16 (Summer 2003): 4–11).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Fletcher, W. Brian
Freeman, George H.
Lindal, Alan
Moncure, Rhymes H. Jr.
Smith, Colin A.
Vargas Alvarez, Emmanuel


Conveners: Geoffrey Wainwright & Walter Klaiber


Abraham, William J. “Saving Souls in the Twenty First Century: A Missiological Midrash on John Wesley” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 38.1 [2003]: 7–20).
Ann, Su Chii. “Evangelism and Pastoral Care: A Contemporary Reflection of John Wesley’s Postal Ministry in the Light of his Understanding of New Creation.”
Bryant, Barry E. “The Spirit of Grace: Prevenient Grace as a Basis for Dialogue with Other Religions.”
Carter, David. “The Catholicity of Methodism: Some Challenges to and from Methodism.”
Clutterbuck, Richard. “New Creation and a Truly Catholic Church.”
Crandall, Ron King. “Creating Congregations that Witness to God’s New Creation.”
Hunter, George G. III. “Ecumenism in the Service of Evangelism.”
Kingston, Gillian. “Dialogue for the Sake of Mission: The Covenant Proposals between the Methodist Church in Ireland and the Church of Ireland.”
Klaiber, Walter. “Evangelism and Ecumenism in the Light of God’s New Creation.”
Kurewa, John W. Z. “The Gospel and Culture in Africa.”
Mhone, Daniel Levson. “New Creation and a Truly Catholic Church.”
Nikolaev, Sergei V. “The Methodist Question in the Russian Context.”
Siuhengalu, Tevita M. “Renewal of All Things and Personal Salvation: A Pacific Island Perspective.”
Stone, Bryan P. “Evangelism as Ecclesial Holiness.”
Tan, Malcolm T. H. “Is Jesus Christ Still Good News for a Humanity in a New Millennium: Enslaved by Its Global Economic System and Endangered by Its Deadly Clash of Civilisation? Reflections by an Asian Methodist.”
Tanner, Mary. “Unity for the Sake of Mission. An Anglican Case Study” (published as “The Goal of Visible Unity–Yet Again,” in The Unity We Have and the Unity We Seek, edited by Jeremy Morris & Nicholas Sagovsky [London: T&T Clark, 2003], 179–90).
Taylor, John B. “A New and Larger Doctrine of Intention.”
Tuttle, Robert G. “The Relevance of a Gospel of the New Creation for a Contemporary World.”
Wainwright, Geoffrey. “Which Comes First, Beliefs or the Message?”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Beach, Maxine Clarke
Beck, Brian E.
Etchegoyen, Aldo
Famérée, Joseph
Mills, Frederick V.
Stephens, W. Peter


Conveners: David Lowes Watson & Nora Quiroga Boots


Aitchison, Ronnie. “New Creation in Tradition and Process.”
Brockwell, Charles W. Jr. “Connectional Ecclesiology and the Ecumenical Theological Quadrilateral.”
Carder, Kenneth L. “A Christ-Formed Church for a Christ-Redeemed World.” (paper read in Carder’s absence from meeting)
Clapper, Gregory S. “Christian Conceptions of Vocation and the Human Role in Bringing about the ‘New Creation’” (incorporated into Living Your Heart’s Desire: God’s Call and Your Vocation [Nashville: Upper Room, 2005]).
Howcroft, Kenneth G. “New Creation & Christian Formation: Changed from Glory into Glory as Church and Ministries.”
Manskar, Steven W. “Small Groups and Accountability: The Wesleyan Way of Christian Formation.”
Matthaei, Sondra Higgins. “Communion Ecclesiology and a Ministry of Service.”
Oliveira Ribeiro, Claudio de. “Towards a Brazilian Methodist Ecclesiology.”
Thaarup, Joergen. “The Praxis of Wesleyan Ecclesiology and the Effectiveness of the Methodist Mission in Scandinavia.”
Walker, Maxine. “The ‘New Creation’ and the Implications for Plundering the Egyptians.”
Watson, David Lowes. “Planned Obsolescence: The Missional Identity of a Christocentric Church.”
Weber, Robert “Re-membering in the Congregation as a Source for the New Creation.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Cáceres, Raquel
del Pino, Jerome King
Eubanks, Nancy
Foreman, Willie J.
Nausner, Helmut
Reece, Wayne G.
Wilkinson, Alison


Conveners: Pamela Couture & Philip Amerson


Amerson, Philip. “Exploring Vocation in a Violent World.”
Armistead, Kathy. “Practical Theology and Publishing.”
Armstrong, Kevin. “In Search of a New Creation: Guided by the Christian Scop.”
Couture, Pamela D. “Practicing the New Creation: Participatory Music-making and Pastoral Care.”
Coyner, Michael J. “Learning from Wesley’s Strategy of Using Lay Preachers as a Guide to Developing New Models for Ministry on the Reemerging Frontier of the Prairie Lands of the USA.”
Fitzgerald, O. Ray. “On the Way to the New Creation … Something Old— Something New: Roots and Wild Branches in our Christian/Wesleyan Heritage.”
Intipampa, Carlos. “Values and Practices of the Aymara Gospel of the Indigenous People of Bolivia.”
Jones, Robert L. “Reconciliation and Rebuilding the Community: The Armagh Venture and
the Problems in Northern Ireland.”
Marsh, Clive. “‘Being in Christ’: Reflections on the Practical Dimensions of Corporate Christology” (incorporated into Marsh, Christ in Practice: A Christology of Everyday Life[London: Darton, Longman & Todd, 2006]).
Mather, Michael. “Practicing Sanctification.”
Oden, Amy G. “Having Eyes to See: Hospitality and Early Methodism.”
Oduyoye, Mercy Amba. “Thoughts on Recent Concerns of the Methodist Church, Ghana.”
Reddie, Anthony G. “A Voice for the Voiceless: Religious Education in the Service of the Oppressed and the Poor.”
Rice, David. “Building a Community for the New Creation—a Process rather than an Agenda.”
Sileshebo, Sileshebo [title unclear]
Smith, Fred D. “Seeking Shalom in The New Creation: By Creating the Beloved Community with Children and The Poor.”
Wood, Andrew. “Testimony as a Means of Grace.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Dew, William W. Jr.
Logan, James C.
Moore, Mary Elizabeth (gave plenary address)
Wingeier-Rayo, Philip


Conveners: Sondra Wheeler & Stephen Plant


Bartels, Laura. “Wesley and Bonnet on ‘New Creation’.”
Challis, Phil. “Genetic Modification: Fact, Fiction, and Faith.”
Clough, David. “Theological Reflections on Cyberspace” (published as Unweaving the Web: Beginning to Think Theologically about the Internet [Cambridge: Grove Books, 2002]).
Honey, Colin. “Theological Reflections on Cloning” (published in Epworth Review 28.4 [2001]: 49–56).
Kiogora, Timothy. “Globalization: Technology, Ethics and the Battle for Time and Space.”
Knox, E. Richard. “Theological Ethics and Technological Change.”
Long, Stephen. “Theological Questions Concerning Technology” (incorporated into Introduction and Chapter 1 of John Wesley’s Moral Theology [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2005]).
Madron, Thomas W. “Theological Issues in a Computerized World.”
Marquardt, Manfred. “The Kingdom of God in a Global Society.” (plenary lecture)
Oord, Thomas Jay. “Organismic Relatedness and Full-Orbed Love” (published as “Morals, Love, and Relations in Evolutionary Theory,” in The Evolution of Ethics: Human Morality in Biological and Religious Perspective, edited by Philip Clayton & Jeffery Schloss [Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2004], 287–301).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Deeks, David G.
Dewire, Norman E.
Olson, Harriett Jane

Working Groups at 1997 Institute

The Call for Proposals for these groups can be found in OXFORDnotes4.1
Final reports of select groups are noted below

1. BIBLICAL STUDIES (discussion reported in OXFORDnotes5.1)

Conveners: Bruce Birch & Katheryn Darr


Birch, Bruce. “Divine Power and Human Politics: Saul’s Rejection as King of Israel (1 Sam. 15)” (published in The New Interpreters’ Bible [Nashville: Abingdon, 1998], 2:1082–94).
Bowen, Nancy R. “God and Wisdom: The Power of Relationship.”
Cesar, Ely. “Faith as Historical Challenge.”
Day, Linda. “Power, Otherness, and Gender in the Biblical Short Stories” (published in Horizons in Biblical Theology 20 [1998]: 109–27).
Hill, Craig. “Paul and Power, Revisited.”
Klaiber, Walter. “Salvation as Central Message of the Bible.”
Lo, Lung-Kwong. “Romans 14:1–15:6 and John Wesley’s Sermon on Catholic Spirit.”
Lull, David. “The Character of God and Community in the New Testament” (published inCreative Transformation 6.2 (1997): 27ff).
Míguez, Néstor. “Sense and End of History in Paul” (published as “Sentido y fin de la historia en Pablo,” Cuadernos de teología, 14.1 [1995], 65–82).
Parker, Simon. “God, Community, and Power in the Psalms.”
Rao, Naveen. “Doctrine of God in Exodus 6:2–9: Challenge of a Hermeneutical Task in a Religiously Pluralistic Community.”
Schultz, Carl. “God’s Role in the World: The Informing and Disturbing Description of Job” (published in Aldersgate Papers 3 (Sept. 2002): 50–67).
Tiffany, Frederick. “Chaos and Community: Wilderness and Israel” (published as “Facing the Wilderness/Encountering Chaos,” Quarterly Review 18 [1998]: 55–69).
Tullett, Martin. “Trinity, Community, and Power in 1 Cor. 15.”
Wall, Rob. “Spirit, Community, and Power According to the Acts of the Apostles” (published as “Power and Purity in the Acts of the Apostles,” Wesleyan Theological Journal 34 [1999] 64–82; reprinted in Pneuma 21 [1999]: 215–31).
Wang, Tai-il. “Reading the Composition of the Pentateuch in a Wesleyan Tradition” (published as “On the Theology of the Pentateuch,” in Reading the Hebrew Bible for a New Millennium, vol. 2: Exegetical and Theological Studies, edited by W. Kim, et al. [Harrisburg, PA: Trinity, 2000], 276–98).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Anderson, Cheryl B.
Beck, Brian E.
Hels, Sharon
Imathiu, Grace
Ireblad, Tord
Irons, Neil L.
Richardson, Neil


Conveners: Mary Elizabeth Moore & Rui de Souza Josgilberg


Brenchley, Robert. “The Human Community: Reflections from a Divided Family.”
del Rosario, Romeo. “Reflections on the Trinity, Community, and Power in the Interior of Sabah, Malaysia.”
Dew, William Jr. Untitled reflections on contextual theology.
Fotland, Roar. “Western Individualism and Community in Congregational Life: A Trinitarian Perspective.”
Jones, Robert L. “Faith Formation amongst Higher Education Students in Britain Today.”
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza. “Trinity, Power, and Church in Brazil.”
Kirkpatrick, Dow. “The Context of the Oxford Institute.”
Moore, Mary Elizabeth. “Trinity and Covenantal Ministry: A Fresh Look at the United Methodist Church” (published in Rethinking Wesley’s Theology for Contemporary Methodism, edited by Randy Maddox [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 1998], 143–60).
Oduyoye, Mercy Amba. “The Doctrine of Trinity as a Paradigm for Community and Power: Thoughts from African Women’s Theology.”
Olewine, Sandra. “The Acceptable Year of the Lord: The Jubilee as Imaginative Possibility.”
Paterson, Susan. “Of Signs and Navigators: The Jonah Imperative.”
Roy, Parimal. “Seeking Community in a Discriminatory World.”
Sano, Roy. “The Ethnoi in Mission with the Triune God.”
Santillano, Fernando. “Trinity: Community and Power in the Religious Context of Latin American Cultures.”
Setiloane, Gabriel. “How the Wesleyan Doctrine of Conversion Was Anticipated in African Traditional Religious Practice.” (based on plenary presentation)
Tevi, Lorine. “Community of God’s Creation: Toward a Fijian Village Contextual/Practical Theology.”
Weber, Regina Coeli. “Trinity: Charism for Oikoumene.”
Wiley, Jill. “Out of Place: The Context of Invisibility.”


Conveners: Theodore Runyon & Norman Young


Bence, Clarence L. “Salvation and the Church: the Ecclesiology of John Wesley” (published as “Salvation and the Church: The Ecclesiology of John Wesley,” in Melvin Dieter, ed., The Church [Anderson, IN: Warner, 1984], 297–317).
Campbell, Dennis M. “United Methodism in the United States: Ecclesiological and Ecumenical Considerations” (cf. “Does Methodism Have a Future in American Culture?” inQuestions for the Twenty-First Century Church, edited by R. Richey et al. [Nashville: Abingdon, 1999], 9–23.).
Carter, David. “Some Methodist Principles of Ecumenism” (published in Epworth Review25.4 [Oct. 1998]: 53–63).
Gibbins, Olive. “Wesley and Postmodern Imagination.”
Kudadjie, Joshua N. “Integrating Indigenous African Worship and Customs with Christian Worship and Practice: An Illustration with the Outdooring and Naming Ceremony of a Baby among the Ada of Ghana.”
Park, Jong-Chun. “Crawl with God, Dance in the Spirit: A Korean Theology of the Spirit” (published as Crawl with God, Dance in the Spirit! A Creative Formation of Korean Theology of the Spirit [Nashville, TN: Abingdon, 1998]).
Quissico, Morais. “In Ecumenism We see the True Church.”
Runyon, Theodore. “Wesley’s Trinitarian Ecclesiology.”
Stamm, Mark W. “Catholic Yearnings: The Discussion of Apostolic Succession and Ordained Ministry in the Versicle” (published in Methodist History 37 [1998]: 3–17).
Wainwright, Geoffrey. “The Ecumenical Rediscovery of the Trinity” (published in One in Christ 34.2 [1998]: 95–124).
Wall, Terry. “Diversity and Intrinsic Koinonia: A Model of Unity Based on Biodiversity.”
Yemba, David. “God’s Sovereignty Demands Societal and Ecclesiastical Change: Wesley and the Methodist Student Movement” (cf. “United Methodist Campus Ministry and the Methodist Student Movement,” in Connectionalism, edited by Russell Richey, et al [Nashville: Abingdon, 1997], 179–202).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Bryant, Stephen D.
Howcroft, Kenneth
LaGree, Kevin
Oden, William
Olson, Harriett Jane
Taylor, John B.


Conveners: W. Stephen Gunter & Raquel Cáceres


Crandall, Ronald King. “Carriers of the Good Infection.”
Davis, Woody L. “Toward a Truly Inclusive Language.”
Escamilla, Roberto. “Invitational Preaching in the 21st Century: Preaching for a Response.”
Gunter, W. Stephen. “Thinking Theologically about Evangelism” (published in Quarterly Review 19 [1999]: 35–52).
Hunter, George G. III. “The Illogical Order of Effective Evangelism.”
Jones, Scott J. “Elements of Wesleyan Evangelism.”
Pantelis, Jorge. “Re-Evangelization in Latin America: A Wesleyan Approach.”
Pointer, Lyle. “Evangelism in Everyday Life: Where is God in the Work of Evangelism?”
Pope-Levison, Priscilla. “Recovering the Legacy of Women Evangelists.”
Ruffle, Douglas. “Holiness and Happiness Shall Cover the Earth: Trajectories of Wesley’s Theology of Mission Evangelization” (published in Quarterly Review 19 [1999]: 73–82).
Siuhengalu, Tevita. “Tongan Evangelism: A Wesleyan Mode of Evangelism for the South Pacific” (published in Pacific Journal of Theology 20 [1998]: 74–84).
Tan, Malcolm T. H. “Evangelisation towards Trinitarian Inclusiveness in the Asia Pacific Region: A Wesleyan’s Perspective.”
Tuttle, Robert G. Jr. “God at Work in the ’10/40 Window’: to the Father, through the Son, by the Holy Spirit.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Fox, H. Eddie
Lockmann, Paulo
Neufville, Marilyn


Conveners: David Deeks & J. Philip Wogaman

Bowen, Starr. “To Save Our Own Souls: The Dynamics of Reciprocal Mission in the World Parish.”
Kennedy, John. “Machiavelli and Adam Smith: Founders of the European Republic” (published as “Machiavelli and the Good Republic,” Epworth Review 24.3 [1997]: 56–69).
Kiogora, Timothy. “Facing a McWorld: Reflections on Some Challenges for Methodist Mission at the End of the Twentieth Century.”
Stone, Ronald. “Ethics of Intervention for Humanitarian Rescue.”
Weber, Theodore. “The ‘Political Image’ and Wesleyan Political Language” (incorporated into Chapters One and Twelve of Weber, Politics in the Order of Salvation: Transforming Wesleyan Political Ethics [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2001]).
Wogaman, J. Philip. “The Doctrine of God and Dilemmas of Power.” (plenary address)

Other Participants in Group (who shared on issues of globalization and economics in their local contexts):

Boots, Nora Quiroga
Boots, Wilson
Chio, Sing Ching Peter
Kasap’owan, T.
Mulrain, George
Mulunda, Nyanga Ngoy Daniel
Ntambo, Nkulu Ntanda

6. HISTORY of WESLEYAN TRADITIONS (Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries)

Conveners: Russell Richey & Jean Miller Schmidt

Cartwright, Michael G. “’Transcripts of the Trinity’: Performance and Embodiment in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century African-American Methodist Christianity.”
Hixon, Stephanie. “Temporal Authority and the High Court in United Methodism: Community, Power, Authority and The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church.”
Kumar, S. V. Sampath. “Mission and Evangelism into the New Millennium: A Wesleyan Perspective.”
Lobody, Diane H. “Mary Mason and the Women of Early American Methodism: Consecrated to the Trinitarian Life.”
Mills, Frederick V. “The Transformation of British Ecclesiastical Policy: the Canadian Experience 1759–74.”
Monk, Robert C. “God’s Sovereignty Demands Societal and Ecclesiastical Change: Wesley and the Methodist Student Movement” (cf. “United Methodist Campus Ministry and the Methodist Student Movement,” in Connectionalism, edited by Russell Richey, et al [Nashville: Abingdon, 1997], 179–202).
Newton, John A. “Sir Henry Lunn: Wesleyan Methodist, Anglican, Pioneer Ecumenist, 1859–1939.”
Redaelli, Nora G. “Notes on Trinity, Community and Power.”
Robbins, Bruce W. “Koinonia and Connection” (published as “Connection and Koinonia: Wesleyan and Ecumenical Perspectives on the Church,” in Doctrines and Disciplines, edited by Dennis Campbell et al. [Nashville: Abingdon, 1999], 199–212).
Rodell, Jonathan. “Community Chapels and Chapel Communities: The Need for Community and the Growth of Methodism in 19th Century Rural England.”
Rowe, Kenneth E. “Methodist Status & Power in a PA Industrial City, 1880–1950.”
Singh, Godwin R. “Post-Wesleyan Theology of People and a New Peoples’ Identity.”
Snyder, Howard A. “Biographical Sources for Benjamin T. and Ellen Stowe Roberts” (cf.Populist Saints: B. T. & Ellen Roberts and the First Free Methodists [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006]).
Strong, Douglas M. “Overcoming Prejudice by the Illumination of the Spirit: Julia Foote’s Holiness Message” (published as Chapter 2 in Strong, They Walked in the Spirit [Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1997]).
Washington, Debra. “Knowing God, Forcing Change: Early Methodism as Seed for a Reconstruction of Black Womanhood.”
Wellings, Martin. “The ‘Wesleyan Standard’ in 19th and early 20th Century British Methodism” (published as “‘Throttled by a Dead Hand’: The ‘Wesleyan Standard’ in 19th and earth 20th century British Methodism,” Methodist History 37 [1999]: 162–74).
Whidden, Woodrow W. “Arianism, Adventism & Methodism: The Trinitarian Healing of Soteriology and Conference” (published abridgement as “Salvation Pilgrimage: The Adventist Journey into Justification by Faith and Trinitarianism,” Ministry 71.4 [April 1998]: 5–7).
Yrigoyen, Charles Jr. “Methodism Condemned: John Williamson Nevin’s Accusations” (published in Methodist History 39 [2000]: 44–59).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Macquiban, Timothy


Conveners: Pamela Couture & Manfred Marquardt


Anderson, E. Byron. “The Trinitarian Grammar of the Liturgy and the Liturgical Practice of Person and Community” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 34.2 [1999]: 152–74).
Azariah, Khushnud. “Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Church’s Response.”
Carder, Kenneth. “Practical Theology as Method for the Bishops’ Initiative on Children and Poverty and the Bishop’s Role as Teacher.”
Couture, Pamela. “The Practice of Theology in the Theological School: Reflections from the 1997 Oxford Institute.”
Davies, Keith. “Ministerial Formation—Integrity and Integration: Some Reflections on Educational and Theological Method
Eschmann, Holger. “Towards a Pastoral Care in a Trinitarian Perspective” (published inJournal of Pastoral Care 54 [2000]: 419–27; cf. abstract in OXFORDnotes 5.2 [2000]: 6–9).
Fitzgerald, O. Ray. “New Battle for the Mind and Soul of the Russian People.”
Harnish, John E. “Work in Progress on the New Orders of Ministry” (preliminary work toward The Orders of Ministry in the United Methodist Church [Nashville: Abingdon, 2000]).
Knoller, Johannes. “Thoughts on a Theory of the Religious Language with Practical Meaning.”
Moore, Allen J. “Some Distinctive Characteristics of International Methodist Theological Education” (published in Quarterly Review 18 [1998]: 211–26).
Peluso, Gary E. “To Live or To Die in Battle: A 19th Century Metaphor and Clergy Self-Care” (published in Quarterly Review 18 [1998]: 227–45).
Powell, Gareth. “Pastoral Unity: Worship as Pastoral Care.”
Walker, Maxine E. “Empowering Metaphors: Wesley’s Doctrine of the Trinity as it Influences Thinking about Art and Literature” (published as “Wesleyan ‘Grammar’: Linguistic Analysis and Wesley Texts,” Wesleyan Theological Journal 33.1 [1998]: 201–33).
Wallace, Charles I. “Methodist Matrix: Susanna Wesley’s Practical Trinitarianism and the Human Community.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Messer, Donald E.


Conveners: David Lowes Watson & Roberta Bondi


Amerson, Philip A. “Capacity, Community, Creativity: The Central Marks of Spiritual Renewal.”
Chilcote, Paul Wesley. “Theological Reflections upon Women’s Communities in Early Methodism” (published as “An Early Methodist Community of Women,” Methodist History 38 [2000]: 219–30).
Clapper, Gregory S. “How the Heart Needs the Community: Wesleyan Reflections on Trinitarian Spiritual Formation.”
Frost, Francis. “The Power of Spiritual Powerlessness in the Missionary Outreach of John Wesley.”
Jones, Ezra Earl. “Some Reflections on Discipleship in the Post-Modern World.”
Jones, Margaret. “Women’s Experience of the Class Meeting: The First Hundred Years” (published as “The Closet and the Class: Some Historical Perspectives on Methodist Spiritual Discernment,” Quarterly Review 21 [2001]: 130–42).
Khoo, Lorna Lock-Nah. “Wesleyan Eucharistic Spirituality” (preliminary work towardWesleyan Eucharistic Spirituality [Adelaide: Australian Theological Forum, 2005]).
MacCormack, James. “Spirituality and Trinity According to the Wesleyan Standards.”
Matthaei, Sondra H. “Transcripts of the Trinity: The Role of Community in Formation for Holiness of Heart and Life” (published in Quarterly Review 18 [1998]: 123–37).
Rice, David. “The Companions of John Wesley: Bristol, 1994–.”
Steele, Les. “Putting on the New Self: Essentials of Christian Identity.”
Tucker, Karen Westerfield. “The Trinitarian Shape of Methodist Anaphorae” (published inDoxology 20 [2003]: 1–19).
Watson, David Lowes. “Betwixt Antinomianism and Pelagianism: Wesley’s Resistance to Licence and Legalism in the Christian Life.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Bondi, Roberta (gave plenary address)
Carveley, Kenneth C.
Christopher, Sharon Brown
Ewers, Duane A.
Greenwaldt, Karen
Smith, Judith E.
Treese, Donald H.

(discussion reported in OXFORDnotes5.1)

Conveners: Randy L. Maddox & Josiah U. Young III


Dabney, D. Lyle. “To the Cross in the Power of the Spirit: Toward a Future for Wesleyanism’s Past.”
Inbody, Tyron. “Reconceptions of God’s Power in John Wesley, Panentheism, and Trinitarian Theology” (published in Thy Nature and Thy Name is Love: Wesleyan and Process Theologies in Dialogue, edited by Byran P. Stone & Thomas Jay Oord [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2001], 169–91).
Jennings, Theodore. “God, Which God?” (published as “Transcendence, Justice, and Mercy: Toward a (Wesleyan) Reconceptualization of God,” in Rethinking Wesley’s Theology for Contemporary Methodism, edited by Randy Maddox [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 1998], 65–82).
Keen, Craig. “The Person as Communal Prayer: A Trinitarian Postmodern Understanding of Personhood” (published as “The Human Person as Intercessory Prayer,” in Embodied Holiness, edited by Samuel Powell & Michael Lodahl [Downer’s Grove, IL: Intervarsity, 1999], 39–61).
Míguez-Bonino, José (visitor). “Salvation as the Work of the Trinity: An Attempt at a Wholistic Understanding from a Latin American Perspective.”
Oden, Amy. “What’s Wrong with this Picture? God, Evil and Suffering.”
Plant, Stephen. “The Invention of Methodist Traditions?”
Stewart, Diane. “Notions of Trinity in African Jamaican Religious Thought.”
Thorsen, Don. “The Unbearable Wholeness of the Trinity: The Trinity as Transforming Symbol for the Poor.”
Wilson, Kenneth B. “Responsible Human Beings and the Doctrine of the Trinity.”
Wilson, Michael P. “Trinity and the Possibility of Ethics.”
Wood, Charles M. “Methodist Doctrine: an Understanding” (published in Quarterly Review18 [1998]: 167–82).
Young, Josiah. “Some Assumptions and Implications regarding John Wesley’s View of the Trinity: The Root of all Vital Religion” (published in Quarterly Review 18 [1998]: 139–53).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Ireson, Roger W.
Kok, Ezra
Loza, Machicado Gustavo
Luscombe, Philip
Meeks, M. Douglas Jr. (gave keynote address)

(discussion reported in OXFORDnotes5.1)

Conveners: Ted Campbell & Hoo-Jung Lee


Albin, Thomas. “The Triune God is Found Below: Charles Wesley’s Hymns on the Trinity.”
Collins, Kenneth J. “The Reconfiguration of Power: The Basic Trajectory in Wesleyan Theology” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 33.1 [1998]: 164–84).
Dällenbach, Ann M. “John Wesley und die Frage der Frauenordination.”
Johnson, R. Bruce. “The ‘Whole Economy of Grace’: Trinity and Perfection in the Wesleyan Trinitarian Hymns.”
Kim, Hong-Ki. “The Theology of Jubilee Examined in the Thought of John Wesley and Its Application to the Reunification Movement of North and South Korea.”
Lee, Hoo-Jung. “Jubilee and Spirituality in John Wesley” (published in Korean in Sinhak Gwa Saige 35 [1997]: 136–59).
Madron, Thomas W. “Wesley, the Methodists, and the Eucharistic in Early Methodist Liturgical Practices.”
McCormick, K. Steve. “Transcripts of the Trinity: The Mystery and Meaning of Persons.”
Meadows, Philip R. “Providence and Prevenience: Wesleyan Theology for a World Context.”
Meistad, Tore. “Towards a Textbook in Theology and Ethics in the Wesleyan Tradition” (published as “Systematic Theology and Ethics in the Wesleyan Tradition: Some Methodological Reflections,” Quarterly Review 19.1 [Spring 1999]: 53–71).
Mills, W. Douglas. “Robert Cushman: His Critique of John Calvin, and the Sovereignty of God in the Wesleyan Tradition” (published in Methodist History 38 [1999]: 3–13).
Shepherd, Victor. “A Note on Wesley’s Challenge concerning Christian Perfection: ‘Can You Find Anything more Amiable than This? Anything More Desirable?’” (published as “‘Can you conceive anything more amiable than this? Anything more Desirable?’ A Note on Wesley’s Challenge Concerning Christian Perfection,” Canadian Methodist Historical Society Papers 12 [1997]: 18–43).
Streiff, Patrick. “Fletcher of Madeley: Towards a Trinitarian Theology.”
Topolewski, John L. “Mr. Wesley’s Trust Clause: Methodism in the Vernacular” (published in Methodist History 37 [1999]: 143–61).
Vargas Alvarez, Emmanuel. “Empowering Community through Trinitarian Worship.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Campbell, Ted A. (gave plenary address)
Heitzenrater, Richard
Kimbrough, S T Jr.
Souza, José Carlos de
Ting, Gah-Hing
Young, Frances (gave plenary address)

Working Groups at 1992 Institute

The Call for Proposals for these groups was published in OXFORDnotes2.5
Reports from each group were published in OXFORDnotes3.1


Conveners: Bruce Birch & Katheryn Darr


Birch, Bruce C. Let Justice Roll Down: The Old Testament, Ethics, and Christian Life(Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1991), Chapters 4 and 8.
Bird, Phyllis A. “Gender and Poverty: Biblical Perspectives” (published as “Poor Man or Poor Woman? Gendering the Poor in Prophetic Texts,” in On Reading Prophetic Texts: Gender-Specific and Related Studies in Memory of Fokkelien van Dijk-Hemmes, edited by Bob Becking & Meindert Dijkstra [Leiden: Brill, 1996], 37–51; reprinted in Bird, Missing Persons and Mistaken Identities: Women and Gender in Ancient Israel [Minneapolis: Augsburg/Fortress, 1997], 67–78).
Cesar, Ely Eser Barreto. “The Poor as Hermeneutic Reference of the Wesleyan Tradition.”
Coleson, Joseph E. “The Peasants, The Lovers, The Sage, The Vanquished, and The Queen: Does the Good News for the Poor Appear in the Megillot?”
Darr, John A. “‘Good News to the Poor’: The Rhetoric of Poverty and Possessions in Luke-Acts.”
Farmer, Kathleen A. “What Do We Gain From All Our Toil? The Demystification of Wealth in the Wisdom Tradition.”
Kirkpatrick, Dow. “A Liberating Hermeneutic for the Rich.”
Klaiber, Walter. “The First Beatitude – The Interpretation of Wesley and New Testament Exegesis.”
Kok, Ezra. “Paul’s Apostolic Commission, Gentile-Mission Conviction and Hermeneutical Priority in the Letter to the Galatians.”
Lopez, Ediberto. “Class Antagonism and Exploitation in Jesus’ Parables: Mark 12” (incorporated into Para que comprendiesen las Escrituras: Introducción a los Métodos Exegéticos [San Juan, Puerto Rico: Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico, 2003]).
Lyon, Robert W. “The Poor Church as the Truly Evangelic Church.”
Pressler, Carolyn. “Race and Class in Teaching the Bible.”
Schultz, Carl. “The Go’el Concept: Comprehensive and International Redemption.”
Wall, Robert W. “A New Testament Theology of the Poor: A Canonical Critical Perspective” (published as an excursus in Community of the Wise: The Letter of James [Valley Forge, PA: Trinity Press, 1997], 234–47).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Beck, Brian E.
Hecke, Karl-Heinz
Imathiu, Grace
Ireblad, Tord
Kingston, Gillian
Minnick, C. P. Jr.
Mosala, Itumeleng (gave plenary address)
Rodgers, Richard E. A.
Sampley, J. Paul
Tedcastle, Gerald


Conveners: Ted Campbell & Lorna Lock-Nah Khoo


Brockwell, Charles. “Forms of Vita Apostolica et Evangelica: Mendicants and Methodists.”
Butler, David A. R. “Good News to the London Poor: A Comparison of the Philanthropy of John Wesley and Richard Challoner (1691–1781), Vicar Apostolic of the London District” (published in Epworth Review 21.1 [1994]: 109–17).
Carder, Kenneth. “Proclaiming the Gospel of Grace” (published in Theology and Evangelism in the Wesleyan Heritage, edited by James Logan [Nashville: Abingdon, 1994], 81–94).
Clapper, Gregory S. “John Wesley’s Understanding of ‘Spiritual Poverty.’”
Collins, Kenneth J. “The Soteriological Orientation of John Wesley’s Ministry to the Poor” (published in Asbury Theological Journal 50 [1995]: 75–92).
Howard, Peter. “John Wesley and the Poor: A Lateral Approach.”
Kimbrough, S T Jr. “Charles Wesley and the Poor” (included in published proceedings for this Institute).
McEllhenney, John G. “Two Critiques of Wealth: John Wesley and Samuel Johnson Assess the Lure of Mammon” (published in Methodist History 32 [1994]: 147–59).
Madron, Thomas. “John Wesley on Justice.”
Monk, Robert C. “Puritan Poor and Wesleyan Poor.”
Tyson, John R. “Methodist Societies, Evangelical Economics, and Social Change” (published as “Why did John Wesley ‘Fail’? A Reappraisal of Wesley’s Evangelical Economics,” Methodist History 35 [1997]:176–87; cf. summary in OXFORDnotes4.1 [1996]: 3–4).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Bondi, Roberta C.
Borgen, Ole
Cannon, William R.
Hale, Joe
Heitzenrater, Richard (gave plenary address)
Ireson, Roger W.
Jennings, Theodore W. (gave keynote address)
Lee, Hoo-Jung
Matthews, Rex D.
Shim, Gunshik
Solomon, Dan
Udy, Jim
Zorzin, Alejandro


Conveners: Russell E. Richey & Jean Miller Schmidt


Bassett, Paul Merritt. “The Reversal of the Great Reversal: The Church of the Nazarene and the Poor, to the Present.”
Brown, Joanne Carlson. “The Form Without the Power?: Wesleyan Influences and the Winnipeg Labor Church.”
Felton, Gayle Carlton. “Good News to the Poor: Baptism as Liberation” (published inQuarterly Review 14 [1994–95]: 387–99).
Gravely, Will. “‘…Many of the poor Africans are obedient to the Faith’: Reassessing the Black Presence in Early American Methodism 1769–1809” (published in Methodism and the Shaping of American Culture, edited by Nathan Hatch & John Wigger [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2001], 175–95).
Lobody, Diane H. “‘It Was of Infinite Value to Me’: Poverty and the Methodist Preaching in the Life of Christiana Malenoir” (published in Journal of Theology [UTS] 105 [2001]: 59–73).
Macquiban, Tim S. A. “Strangers’ Friend Societies in Great Britain and Ireland, 1785–1835: A Methodist Response to the Problem of Pauperism: Vehicle for Church Growth or Vanguard of Tory Paternalism?” (incorporated into “British Methodist Attitudes to Poverty, 1785–1840” [Birmingham University Ph.D. thesis, 2000]).
Mukangara, Martha. “The Participation of Women in the Church in Zimbabwe.”
Oliveira, Clory Trinidade de. “The Poor in Latin America: A Testimony of Suffering and Hope.”
Pantelis, Jorge M. “The Wesleyan Tradition within the Poor of Latin America: A Proposal of a Socio-Missionary Analysis.”
Rowe, Kenneth E. “Trans-Atlantic Social Gospel: British Influences on American Methodist Social Thought and Practice, 1890–1910.”
Shastri, Hermen. “‘Your Young Men shall See Visions, and Your Old Men shall Dream Dreams’: Vision 2020 and the Plight of the Orang Asli.”
Snyder, Howard A. “‘To Preach the Gospel to the Poor’: Missional Self-Understanding in Early Free Methodism (1860–90)” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 31 [1996]: 7–39).
Strong, Douglas M. “The Deliverance of God’s Oppressed Poor: The Ambivalent Legacy of Nineteenth Century North American Perfectionist Social Reform.”
Tucker, Karen B. Westerfield. “Liturgical Expressions of Care for the Poor in the Wesleyan Tradition: A Preliminary Study” (published in Worship 69 [1995]: 51–64).
Yemba, D. K. “By Water and the Spirit: Theological and Ecclesiological Remarks on Baptism.”
Yrigoyen, Jr., Charles. “Fiction For The Church: The Novels of Harvey Reeves Calkins and Dan Brearly Brummitt” (published in Theologie für die Praxis 28.1–2 [2002]: 79–93).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Chilcote, Paul
Dayton, Donald W. (gave plenary address)
Motta, Francisco
Powers, Jeanne Audrey
Souza, José Carlos de
Topolewski, John L.
Treese, Donald H.
Valsalen, Frederick J.


Conveners: Rosanna Panizo-Valladares & Philip Wogaman


Banana, Canaan S. “The Crisis of Contemporary Socialism.”
Couture, Pamela. “Lessons from Bolivia: Faith Communities and Public Health as Partners in Healing.”
Fitzgerald, O. Ray. “Two Models of Health Care, Their Problems and Prospects: Russian and American.”
Kudadjie, Joshua N. “The New Diakonia and the Wesleyan Tradition – A Critical Response to the New Diakonia From an African Methodist Perspective.”
Lodewigs, Siegfried. “The System of a Social Market Economy: Good News to the Poor?”
McCabe, Kendall Kane. “The ‘Social Problem’ in Methodist Episcopal Preaching, 1904–5.”
Messer, Donald E. “The Church’s Ministry in Response to Poverty.”
Panizo-Valladares, Rosanna. “The New Historic Situation and the Old Reality of Poverty: A Latin American Theological Perspective.”
Stringer, David. “British Perspective on Health Care.”
Weber, Theodore. “Reconciliation with the Poor: A Wesleyan Theological Inquiry.”
Wogaman, J. Philip. “The Crisis of Contemporary Socialism: A North American Perspective.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Alexander, Neil
Araya Guillén, Victorio (gave plenary address)
Boots, Nora Quiroga
Hulley, Len
Impey, Jenny
Khan, Kenrick R.
Kiogora, Timothy
Moyes, Gorden
Nthamburi, Zablon
Pickard, Donald A.
Puslecki, E
Sano, Roy I.


Conveners: George Hunter& Vakele H. Dandala


Abraham, William J. “The Concept of Social Evangelism: A Review and Analysis.”
Albin, Tom. “Early Methodism and the Poor.”
Bowen, Starr. “Making the Gospel Indigenous: The Challenge of the World Parish.”
Crandall, Ronald C. “One Story of Good News to the Poor in Los Angeles County, California, USA.”
Dandala, H. Mvumelwano. “The Methodist Witness among the Poor: Perspectives from Southern Africa.”
Fox, H. Eddie. “Kingdom Evangelization.”
Holden, Tony. “Mission Alongside the Poor Programme (MAPP) 1983–93: A Programme of the Methodist Church in the United Kingdom and an Example of ‘Good News to the Poor in the Wesleyan Tradition.’”
Hunter, George. “United Methodism’s Haitian Mission in South Florida.”
Kim, Stephen S. “Passion for Holiness and Compassion for Humanity: The Wesleyan Theology of Evangelism for the Global, Plural and Secular World of the 21st Century.”
Mahlasela, Joseph. “The Church in South Africa and its Option for the Poor: Particularly the Resettlements.”
Moore, Allen J. “Wesley and Multi-Religious Communities: With Attention to the Needs of the Poor.”
Tan, Malcolm. “Evangelism in the Context of Singapore’s Poverty and Pluralism: The Need for a New Model of Approach.”
Teveraji, P. “Gospel to the Poor and Church Growth in the Malaysian Indian Context.”
Thomas, (Tom) Howe Octavius. “John Wesley’s Two Essential Doctrines and the ‘Poor.’”
Tuttle, Jr., Robert G. “Cross-cultural Common Denominators, Tools for a More User Friendly Evangelism” (published in Global Good News, edited by Howard Snyder [Nashville: Abingdon, 2001], 176–89).
Vargas Alvarez, Emmanuel. “Evangelism in Latin America: Some Reflections from Mexico.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Baldeon, Luis
Cáceres, Raquel M.
Campbell, Dennis M.
Cornelius, Cyril
Dutton, Denis C.
Kirton, Allan F.
Lawson, David J.
Lee, Ke Joon
Mbete, Andile M.
Watson, David Lowes (gave plenary address)


Conveners: Theodore Runyon & Norman Young


Gibbins, Olive. “Sanctification, Society and the Poor.”
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza. “A Community of Support, Growth, Training in Responsibility and Leadership.”
Kristiansen, Roald E. “The Significance of the Hermeneutical Context for a Theological Methodology: A European Perspective” (published as “Sett fra undersiden: om metodistisk kontekstuell teologi i da,” Teologisk Forum 7.2 [1993]: 25–40).
Maddox, Randy L. “Wesleyan Resources for a Contemporary Theology of the Poor?” (published in Asbury Theological Journal 49.1 [1994]: 35–47).
Marquardt, Manfred. “Life with a Teleological Orientation.”
Matthaei, Sondra. “A Call to Partnership with the Poor.”
Moore, Mary Elizabeth Mullino. “Poverty, Human Depravity, and Prevenient Grace” (published in Quarterly Review 16 [1996]: 343–60).
Park, Jong-Chun. “A Paradigm Change in Korean Indigenization Theology: From Theology of ‘Sincerity’ to ‘Interliving.’”
Roeseler, Stefan. “Elements in Wesley’s Message that Attract and Empower the Poor: A Contribution From an East German Perspective.”
Thorsen, Don. “Experimental Religion: John Wesley’s Approach to Theology and Ministry to the Poor.”
Wells, Harold. “The Wesleyan Tradition and the Poor in the Canadian Context.”
Young, Josiah U. III. “Leitmotifs of a Pan-African Theology: God’s Path and Pan-Africa” (published in Black Theology, edited by James Cone & Gayraud Wilmore [Maryknoll: Orbis, 1993], 18–25).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Chopp, Rebecca (gave plenary address)
Frost, Francis
George, A. Raymond
Howcroft, Kenneth
Jones, L. Gregory .
Langford, Thomas A.
Luscombe, Phillip
Maizel, Judith
Meeks, M. Douglas
Stevens-Noel, Tomas A.
Taylor, John B.
Thompson, Kenneth
Tuwere, Sevate I.
Vincent, John J.
Wainwright, Geoffrey
Williams, Rowan

Working Groups at 1987 Institute

Beginning with this meeting, selection for full membership in the Institute was tied to making a presentation in either a plenary session or a working group.

The Call for Proposals for presentations was published in OXFORDnotes1.4
An initial description of working groups was published in OXFORDnotes1.6
Final reports for the working groups can be found in OXFORDnotes2.1


Conveners: Phyllis Bird & Peder Borgen


Birch, Bruce. “Biblical Theology: Issues in Authority and Hermeneutics” (published inWesleyan Theology Today, edited by Theodore Runyon [Nashville: Kingswood, 1985], 127-33).
Bird, Phyllis. Discussion of teaching the Bible in Methodist/Wesleyan seminaries.
Borgen, Peder. “Biblical Authority and the Authenticity of the Church in Relationship to Auxiliary Keys such as Reason, Experience, and Social Context” (published in Epworth Review 8 [1981]: 72-81; and in Norwegian as “Fornuftens, erfaringens og den sosiale konteksts rolle i relasjon til Skriftens autoritet,” Nordisk ekumenisk årsbok [1980/1981]: 35-48).
Hecke, Karl-Heinz. “The Use and Authority of the Old Testament in Methodist Teaching.”
Hoyt, Thomas. “Biblical Hermeneutics, Christian and African-American: Presuppositions Undergirding a Black Biblical Hermeneutic” (incorporated in “Interpreting Biblical Scholarship for the Black Church Tradition,” Cain Hope Felder, ed., Stony the road we trod: African American biblical interpretation [Minneapolis: Fortress, 1991], 17–39.)
Klaiber, Walter. “Is There a Methodist Exegesis?” (published as “Gibt es eine methodistische Exegese?” Theologie für die Praxis 18.1 [1998]: 1-13).
Lull, David. “Liberation and Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics and the Renewal of the Mission Church in the Wesleyan Tradition.”
Minnick, C. P. Discussion of biblical arguments in and about the document “In Defense of Creation: The Nuclear Crisis and a Just Peace.”
Padgett, Alan J. “Methodists on the Bible: A Select Bibliography.” OXFORDnotes 2.5 (Spring 1991): 5-7.
Ramirez, Dagoberto. “He Taught Them by Parables: Theological Education and Popular Education.”
Ringe, Sharon. “Reading from Context to Context: Contributions of a Feminist Hermeneutic to Theologies of Liberation” (published in Lift Every Voice, edited by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite & Mary Potter Engel [San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1990], 283-91).
Svanberg, Lars. “The Charismatic Challenge.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Beck, Brian E.
Dinis, Emanuel
Howcroft, Kenneth G.
Ireblad, Tord
Lo, Lung Kwong
Mogabgab, John S.
Newsom, Carol A.
Niles, H. Clifton
Palmer, David G.
Ruhnow, Wolfgang
Sampley, J. Paul

2. WESLEY STUDIES: What and How Did John Wesley Teach?

Conveners: Richard P. Heitzenrater & Thomas Langford


Brantley, Richard E. “Wesley and Edwards’ Religious Affections” (published as “The Common Ground of Wesley and Edwards,” Harvard Theological Review 83 [1990]: 271-303).
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Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Bellamy, Elizbeth J.
Borgen, Ole
Brockwell, Charles
Gunter, W. Stephen
Hale, Joe
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza
Kirby, James
Matthews, Rex
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Snyder, Howard
Weyer, Michel


Conveners: Donald Dayton & W. Reginald Ward


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Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Carvalho, Emilio J. M. de
Dunlap, E. Dale
Grove, William Boyd
Groves, Martin L.
Gúzman, Aníbal
Nthamburi, Rosemary
Schmidt, Jean Miller
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Conveners: Philip Wogaman & José Míguez-Bonino


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Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Harvey, Louis-Charles
Jacob, Emmanuel
Khan, Kenrick
Meeks, M. Douglas
Panizo-Valladares, Rosanna
Pressley, Arthur
Reed, Esther D.
Sells, Ray
Souza, José Carlos de.
Stuart, William J.
Vincent, John
Woodley, Alan


Conveners: David Lowes Watson & Lawi Imathiu

Presentations (OXFORDnotes2.3):

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Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Cain, Richard W.
Chilcote, Paul
Dixon, Ernest T. Jr.
Forward, Martin H.
Gassmann, Gunther
Imathiu, Lawi
Nthamburi, Zablon
Oduyoye, Mercy Amba
Ruiz, Avila Raul
Thomas, (Tom) Howe Octavius
Thompson, Kenneth H.
Villegas, Rolando Villena
Waitzmann, Martin
Wladar, Antonia


Conveners: Theodore Runyon & Norman Young


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Wood, D’Arcy.“The Future Contribution of Methodism to Australian Church Life.”
Young, Norman. “The Significance of Methodist Thought and Practice for Confessing the Apostolic Faith.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Araya Guillén, Victorio
Hall, Thor
Herzog, Frederick
Jones, Ezra Earl
Moore, Mary Elizabeth
Pickard, Donald A.
Rowe, B. Keith
Rowe, Trevor T.
Stephens, W. Peter
Treese, Donald
Verheyden, Jack
Wainwright, Geoffrey
Wiltsher, Christopher D.

Attendants at 2007 Institute

Abraham, William J. – Albert C. Outler Professor of Theology, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Abrahams, Ivan – Bishop, Methodist Church of South Africa

Ahn, Deok-Weon – Assistant Professor of Theology and Preaching, Theological School, Drew University

Albin, Thomas R. – Dean of The Upper Room Chapel, Nashville, TN

Amerson, Philip A. – President and Professor of Sociology of Religion, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Anderson, Cheryl B. – Associate Professor of Old Testament, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Anderson, E. Byron (Ron) – Styberg (Associate) Professor of Worship, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Anderson, Sheryl – Circuit Minister, Director South London Mission, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Appler, Deborah A. – Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Bible, Moravian Theological Seminary

Armistead, Kathy – Editor for Academic Resources, Abingdon Press

Atkins, Martyn D. – Principal (President), Cliff College; President-Designate, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Beach, Maxine Clarke – Dean and Vice President, Drew Theological School and Graduate Division of Religions, Madison, NJ

Beck, Brian E. – British Methodist Minister (retired); Consultant to OIMTS

Birch, Bruce C. – Dean, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Blackwell, Philip L. – Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple

Bolen, Donald – Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Vatican City

Boots, Nora Q. – Latin America missionary (retired); Co-chair, OIMTS

Boots, Wilson T. – Latin America missionary (retired); Consultant to General Conference Study Committee on Relationships Between the United Methodist Church and the Autonomous Methodist Churches of Latin America and the Caribbean

Bowen, Nancy R. – Associate Professor of Old Testament, Earlham School of Religion

Boyd, Craig A. – Professor of Philosophy and Director of Faith Integration, Azusa Pacific University

Brockwell, Charles – Professor of History (emeritus), University of Louisville

Bruno, Daniel A. – Assistant Professor of Church History, ISEDET University Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bryant, Barry E. – Associate Professor of Wesley and United Methodist Studies, and Director of the Walker Center for Methodist Studies; Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Cáceres, Raquel M. – President of the UCEL (University of the Latin American Educational Center), Rosario, Argentina

Campbell, Ted A. – Associate Professor of Church History, Southern Methodist University

Carter, David – Associate Lecturer, Open University; Associate Tutor, Wesley College; Bristol, United Kingdom

Carter, Kenneth H. Jr. – Senior Pastor, Providence United Methodist Church, Charlotte, NC

Carveley, Kenneth – Tutor, Northern Ordination Course, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Cavazos, Mary Kay – Ph.D. Student, Drew University

Chang, Sung-Bae – Associate Professor of Missiology, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Charlton, Matthew W. – Pastor, South End United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN, Ph.D. Student, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Chester, Michael – Director of Studies and Academic Development, The North East Ecumenical Course, Great Britain

Chilcote, Paul W. – Visiting Professor of the Practice of Evangelism, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Chun, Young-Ho – Professor of Systematic Theology, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO

Chung-Kim, Esther – Assistant Professor of History of Christianity, Claremont School of Theology

Clapper, Gregory S. – Professor of Religion and Philosophy, University of Indianapolis

Clutterbuck, Richard – Principal, Edgehill College, Ireland

Clymer, Wayne – Bishop (retired), United Methodist Church

Collins, Kenneth J. – Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

Colón-Emeric, Edgardo A. – Assistant Research Professor of Theology and Hispanic Studies, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Conklin-Miller, Jeffrey – Duke University Th.D. student

Cooper, David – Superintendent of Oxford Circuit and minister at Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Couture, Pamela – Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO

Covault, Corbin E. – Associate Professor of Physics, Case Western Reserve University

Crandall, Ronald K. – Dean, E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary

Dabney, D. Lyle – Professor of Theology, Marquette University

Dalton, Ron – Professor of Practical Theology/Christian Ministry, Olivet Nazarene University

Danker, Ryan N. – Th.D. Student, Boston University

Dass, Sujeev – Minister, Methodist Church in India; Conference Secretary of the Delhi Regional Conference

Davis, Morris L. – Assistant Professor, History of Christianity and Wesleyan/Methodist Studies, Drew University

Day, Linda – General Editor, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Deeks, David – General Secretary, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Del Pino, Jerome King – General Secretary, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church

Devadhar, Sudarshana – Bishop, New Jersey Area, United Methodist Church

Dickerson, Dennis C. – Professor of History, Vanderbilt University

Donigian, George H. – Editorial Director, Discipleship Resources, General Board of Discipleship, United Methodist Church

Dube, Jimmy – Lecturer, United Theological College, Zimbabwe

Eberhart, Timothy R. – Ph.D. Student, Vanderbilt University

Eby, Patrick A. – Ph.D. Candidate, Drew University

Edusa-Eyison, Joseph – Lecturer, Trinity Theological Seminary, Ghana

Ervin, Paul R. Jr. – Executive Director, A Foundation for Theological Education

Farris, Patricia – Senior Minister, Santa Monica First United Methodist Church

Ferrer, Pablo Manuel – Pastor, Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina

Forsaith, Peter – Co-ordinator, Methodist Studies Unit, Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University

Forster, Dion A. – Dean, John Wesley College (Methodist Church of Southern Africa), Pretoria, South Africa

Fox, H. Eddie – World Director of Evangelism, World Methodist Council

Freeman, George – General Secretary, World Methodist Council

Gribben, Robert – President and Professor of Worship and Mission, Uniting Church Theological College, Australia

Gumbs, Wycherley – Methodist minister; Professor of Philosophy, University of the Virgin Islands

Hall, Amy Laura – Associate Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Hall, Beverly – Minister, United Methodist Church, East Ohio Conference

Hall, Gary – Tutor for Practical Theology & Culture, The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham, UK; Coordinator, Formation in World Mission, Connexional Team, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Handschin, Esther – Minister, Evangelical Methodist Church of Austria, Salzburg

Harland, Catrin – Ph.D. Student, Cambridge University; Minister, Dorking & Horsham Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Harrison, Nonna Verna – Assistant Professor of Church History, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO

Hatton, Peter – Minister, Birmingham (Elmdon) Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Hayden, Sean – Ph.D. Student, Vanderbilt University

Heath, Elaine – McCreless Asst. Prof. of Evangelism, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Heim, Knut – Tutor in Biblical Studies, The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham, UK

Heitzenrater, Richard P. – Professor of Church History and Wesley Studies, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Henry-Crowe, Susan T. – Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life, Emory University; Adjunct Associate Professor of Ministerial Studies, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Hill, Craig C. – Professor of New Testament; Director, Wesley Ministry Network; Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Howcroft, Ken – Co-ordinating Secretary for Conference and Communication, Methodist Church of Great Britain; Consultant OIMTS

Hunter, George G. – Distinguished Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth, Asbury Theological Seminary

Innis, John G. – Bishop, United Methodist Church, Liberia

Jennings, Theodore W. – Professor of Biblical and Constructive Theology, Chicago Theological Seminary

Jones, Margaret – Connexional Secretary for Presbyteral Ministry & Team Leader, Formation in Ministry, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza – Dean, Faculty of Theology, Methodist University of São Paulo (UMESP), Brazil

Kasongo, Michael O. – Associate Professor of History, Kentucky State University

Keen, Craig – Professor of Systematic Theology, Azusa Pacific University

Kim, Hong-ki – Professor of Church History, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Kerr, Nathan R. – (incoming) Assistant Professor of Religion, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN

Kim, Don Sik – Professor of Evangelism, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

Kim, Elena (Lena) – Executive Director of Education and Church Development, The United Methodist Church in Euro-Asia

Kim, Oe-shik – President, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Kimbrough, S T – Consultant for Mission Evangelism, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church

Kingston, Gillian – President, Irish Council of Churches

Kirk-Duggan, Cheryl A. – Professor of Theology and Women Studies, Shaw University Divinity School, Raleigh, NC

Kisker, Scott – Associate Professor of Evangelism, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Klaiber, Walter – Bishop (retired), German Central Conference, United Methodist Church

Knox, E. Richard – Pastor, Chatham UM Church, Chatham, NJ; Adjunct Professor, Union Theological Seminary & New York Theological Seminary

Kohler, Bob – Assistant General Secretary, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church

Koskela, Douglas M. – Assistant Professor of Theology, School of Theology, Seattle Pacific University

Kurewa, John W. Z. – E. Stanley Jones Associate Professor of Evangelism, Africa University, Zimbabwe

LaCelle-Peterson, Kristina – Associate Professor of Religion, Houghton College

Lancaster, Sarah – Professor of Theology, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Leão Neto, R. F. – Circuit Minister, West London Mission, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Lee, Hoo-Jung – Dean and Professor of Historical Theology, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Lee, Peter K. H. – Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary; Retired Minister of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong

Liu, Gerald Chien – Vanderbilt University fellow

Loyer, Kenneth – Ph.D. Student, Southern Methodist University

Lo, Lung-kwong – Professor in New Testament, Director of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong; President, Methodist Church, Hong Kong

Lockmann, Paulo Tarso de Oliveira – Bishop, Methodist Church of Brazil

Lovin, Robin W. – Cary Maguire University Professor of Ethics, Southern Methodist University

Loza Machicado, Gustavo – Minister, Evangelical Methodist Church of Bolivia

Lyons, Andy – Probationer Minister, Bromsgrove Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Macquiban, Tim – Principal, Sarum College; British Co-Chair, OIMTS

Maddox, Randy L. – Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Studies, Duke Divinity School, Duke University; North American Secretary, OIMTS

Madron, Thomas Wm. – Manager of Information Technology, West End United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN (semi-retired)

Mailo Fuaivaa, Mosese – Lecturer at Methodist (Piula) Theological College, Samoa

Manskar, Steven W. – Director of Accountable Discipleship, General Board of Discipleship, United Methodist Church

Marbury, Herbert R. – Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible, Vanderbilt University

Marsh, Clive – Secretary of the Faith & Order Committee, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Martin, Robert K. – Lovett H. Weems Jr. Associate Professor of Church Leadership and Practical Theology, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO

Martínez, Raquel – Professor of Religion, Santiago College, Santiago, Chile

Matthews, Rex D. – Visiting Assistant Professor of Historical Theology, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Mattos, Paulo Ayres – Bishop (retired), Methodist Church of Brazil; Professor, Faculty of Theology, Methodist University of São Paulo (UMESP), Brazil; Completing Ph.D. at Drew University

McCormick, K. Steve – Professor of Historical Theology, William M. Greathouse Chair of Wesleyan-Holiness Theology, Nazarene Theological Seminary

Meade, Joan Delsol – Superintendent Minister, St. Eustatius Circuit, Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas

Meeks, Blair – Adjunct Faculty, Divinity School, Vanderbilt University

Meeks, M. Douglas – Cal Turner Chancellor Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Studies, Divinity School, Vanderbilt University; Co-Chair, OIMTS

Middleton, Sarah – Freelance Writer; Postgraduate Arts and Cultural Management student, University of Sussex, UK

Míguez, Néstor O. – Professor of New Testament, ISEDET University Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mills, W. Douglas – Associate General Secretary for Dialogue and Interfaith Relations, General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, United Methodist Church

Moman, Mary Ann – Associate General Secretary, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, Division of Ordained Ministry, United Methodist Church

Moore, Mary Elizabeth — Professor of Religion and Education; director, Women in Theology and Ministry, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Mount, Sarah – Th.D. Student, Boston University

Mulrain, George – President, Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas

Nascimento, Amos – Professor of Philosophy, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Professor (on leave of absence), UNIMEP, Brazil

Nausner, Michael – Professor of Systematic Theology, Theological Seminary of the Methodist Church, Reutlingen, Germany

Nelson, Susan L. – Academic Dean & Professor of Theology and Culture, Claremont School of Theology

Newburg, Kevin D. – Ph.D. Student, Drew University

Ngurliana, Rev. – Lecturer at Myanmar Theological College, Mandalay, Myanmar

Noble, Janie – Minister, Bolton Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Ochoa Lonji, Jorge Alberto – District Superintendent of the Methodist Church of Mexico

Oconer, Luther J. – Ph.D. Student, Drew University

Oden, Amy G. – Professor of History of Christianity, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Oduyoye, Mercy – Former Deputy Secretary General of the World Council of Churches; Founder of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians; Co-Chair, OIMTS

Oh, Sung-Joo – Assistant Professor of Christian Education, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Oliveira Ribeiro, Claudio de – Professor of Theology, Faculty of Theology, Methodist University of São Paulo (UMESP), Brazil

Oord, Thomas J. – Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Northwest Nazarene University

Park, Haejung – Assistant Professor of Worship and Liturgics, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Park, HiRho Y. – Director of Continuing Formation for Ministry, Division of Ordained Ministry, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church

Park, Jong Chun – Professor of Systematic Theology, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Pasquarello, Michael – Granger E. and Anna A. Fisher Professor of Preaching, Asbury Theological Seminary

Phillips, L. Edward – Associate Professor of the Practice of Christian Worship, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Pieterse, Hendrik R. – Director of Scholarly Research and Book Editor, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church

Pope-Levison, Priscilla – Professor of Theology and Assistant Director of Women’s Studies, School of Theology, Seattle Pacific University

Potter, Claire – Minister, Wandle Valley Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Potter, Jennifer – Minister, Wesley’s Chapel (London City Road), Methodist Church of Great Britain

Purushotham, Gwen – Director of Clergy Supervision and Accountability, Division of Ministry, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church

Purushotham, Mark V. – Documentary film producer

Puślecki, Edward – General Superintendent and Professor, Warsaw Seminary, Poland

Rankin, Stephen W. – Kirk Chair Professor of Religious Studies and Campus Minister, Southwestern College, Winfield, KS

Renders, Helmut – Professor for Theology and Church History & Secretary of the Centre of Wesley Studies, Faculty of Theology, Methodist University of São Paulo (UMESP), Brazil

Richardson, Neil – Superintendent Minister, Leeds NE Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Richardson, R. Neville – Principal of John Wesley College, Pretoria, South Africa, and Director of the Education for Ministry & Mission Unit

Richey, Russell E. – Professor of Church History, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Rieger, Joerg – Professor of Systematic Theology, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Robbins, Bruce – Senior Minister, Hennepin Ave. United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Robinson, Elaine A. – Associate Professor of Theology and Methodist Studies, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University

Rodgers, Richard E.A. – Professor in New Testament, Leonard Theological College, India

Ruach, Susan W. N. – Director of Conference Spiritual Leadership Development, General Board of Discipleship, United Methodist Church

Rundell, Jay. – President, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Samuel, Calvin – Chaplain, Farrington’s School; New Testament Tutor, Spurgeon’s College, London

Sano, Roy I. – Bishop (retired), United Methodist Church; Executive Secretary, Council of Bishops, United Methodist Church

Schuler, Ulrike – Professor of Church History, Theological Seminary of the Methodist Church, Reutlingen, Germany

Shier-Jones, Angela – Director of Methodist and Free Church Studies, South East Institute for Theological Education, Chatham, UK; Circuit Minister in the Bromley Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Shim, Gunshik – District Superintendent, Long Island West District of the New York Annual Conference, United Methodist Church

Shin, SuJung – Ph.D. Student, Drew University

Simeone, María Inés – Pastor, Methodist Church in Uruguay

Sirkovska, Dana – Assistant Professor (Worship, Evangelism & Discipleship), Matej Bel University, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia; PhD. student at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Siuhengalu, Tevita M. – Parish Minister, St David’s Uniting Church, Albury, NSW, of the Uniting Church in Australia

Smith, Colin – Superintendent Minister, Barnet & Queensbury Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain; British Secretary, OIMTS

Smith, Fred D. – Associate Professor of Urban Ministry, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Smith, Jennifer – Circuit Minister, Kettering and Corby Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Smith, Susan Marie – Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO

Song, Sung Jin – Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea

Souza, Jóse Carlos de – Professor, Faculty of Theology, Methodist University of São Paulo (UMESP), Brazil

Steinwert, Tiffany – Minister, United Methodist Church; Th.D. student, Boston University

Stephens, Darryl W. – Postdoctoral Fellow, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Stephens, W. P. – Minister, Camborne Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Stone, Bryan – E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, School of Theology, Boston University

Strong, Douglas M. –Dean, School of Theology, Seattle Pacific University

Suárez, Fernando Horacio – Ph.D. Student, ISEDET University Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Suchocki, Marjorie – Dean Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology

Sul-A-Nawej – Methodist pastor, South Congo; Doctoral student at University of Brussels

Tan, Malcolm T.H. – Pastor, Barker Road Methodist Church, Singapore

Thaarup, Charlotte – Pastor, Denmark

Thaarup, Joergen – Dean, Theological Seminary of the United Methodist Church, Gothenburg, Sweden;

Thompson, Richard P. – Professor of New Testament Studies, Northwest Nazarene University

Thorsen, Donald A. D. – Professor of Theology, Azusa Pacific University

Toppin, Shirlyn – Minister, Hull (West) Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Trickett, David G. – President and Henry White Warren Professor of Ethics and Leadership, Iliff School of Theology

Tucker, Karen B. Westerfield – Professor of Worship, School of Theology, Boston University

Tullett, Martin – Superintendent, London Mission (North West) Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Turner, Michael K. – Ph.D. Student, Vanderbilt University

Tuttle, Robert G. Jr – Professor of World Christianity, Asbury Seminary (Florida)

Vena, Osvaldo D. – Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Vidamour, Nicola – Mission Partner with the Russian United Methodist Church; Assistant Pastor of Pskov United Methodist Church, Russia

Voigt, Christof – Professor of Philosophy and Old Languages, Theological Seminary of the Methodist Church, Reutlingen, Germany

Wainwright, Geoffrey – Cushman Professor of Systematic Theology, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Wall, Lynne – Ranston Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Methodist Theological College, New Zealand

Wall, Robert W. – Paul T. Walls Professor of Biblical and Wesleyan Studies, School of Theology, Seattle Pacific University

Wall, Terry – Chaplain, Maclaurin Chapel, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Wallace, Robin Knowles – Professor of Worship and Music, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Ward, Hope Morgan – Bishop, Mississippi Conference, United Methodist Church

Warner, Laceye Cammarana – Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Methodist Studies, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

Wellings, Martin – Methodist Minister, Oxford Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Wheeler, Sondra – Carr Professor of Christian Ethics, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

Whitfield, D. Max – Bishop, Northwest Texas/New Mexico Episcopal Area, United Methodist Church

Williams, Robert J. – General Secretary, General Commission on Archives and History, United Methodist Church

Willimon, Will – Bishop, North Alabama Conference, United Methodist Church

Wilson, Michael – Superintendent, Cambridge Methodist Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Wingeier-Rayo, Philip – Assistant Professor of Religion, Pfeiffer University

Withrow, Lisa – Associate Professor of Congregational Studies, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Wong, Tik-Wah – Ph.D. Student, United Faculty of Theology, University of Melbourne

Wood, Andrew – Chair, Southampton District, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Woolley, Tim – Ph.D. Student, Cliff College; Minister, Guildford Methodist Circuit, Methodist Church of Great Britain

Yoo, Yani – Regional Missionary (Seoul Korea), Women’s Division, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church

Yrigoyen, Charles Jr. – Director, United Methodist Studies, Evangelical School of Theology, United Methodist Church

Zürcher, Stefan – Pastor, Switzerland

Attendants at 2002 Institute

(For abbreviations, see Summary of Attendants on Archives page)

Abraham, William J. (Ireland/US)
Aitchison, Ronnie (GB)
Albin, Tom (US)
Amerson, Philip A. (US)
Anderson, Cheryl B. (US)
Anderson, E. Byron (US)
Ann, Su Chii (Malaysia)
Arias, Mortimer (Uruguay)
Armistead, Kathy (US)
Armstrong, Kevin R. (US)
Atkins, Martyn (GB)
Bartels, Laura (US)
Bastos, Levy da Costa (Brazil)
Beach, Maxine Clarke (US)
Beck, Brian E. (GB)
Birch, Bruce C. (US)
Blevins, Dean G. (US, Naz)
Boots, Nora Quiroga (Bolivia)
Boots, Wilson T. (Bolivia)
Bowen, Nancy R. (US)
Brockwell, Charles W. (US)
Bruno, Daniel A. (Argentina)
Bryant, Barry E. (US)
Byrd, Linda R. (US)
Cáceres, Raquel (Argentina)
Campbell, Ted A. (US)
Carter, David (GB)
Carveley, Kenneth C. (GB)
Challis, Phil (GB)
Charlton, Matthew (US) (staff)
Chilcote, Paul Wesley (US)
Choi, Meesaeng Lee (US)
Chun, Young-Ho (US)
Clapper, Gregory S. (US)
Clough, David (GB)
Clutterbuck, Diane (GB)
Clutterbuck, Richard (GB)
Collins, Kenneth J. (US)
Couture, Pamela (US)
Coyner, Michael J. (US)
Crandall, Ronald King (US, FreeM)
Crews, Rowan D. Jr. (US)
Cubie, David L. (US, Naz)
Dabney, D. Lyle (US)
Dandala, Mvume (S Africa)
Day, Linda (US)
Dayton, Donald W. (US, Wes)
Deeks, David G. (GB)
del Pino, Jerome King (US)
Devadhar, Sudarshana (US)
Dew, William W. Jr. (US)
Dewire, Norman E. (US)
Dickerson, Dennis C. (US, AME)
Dreyer, Frederick (Canada)
Escamilla, Roberto (US)
Eschmann, Holger (Germany)
Etchegoyen, Aldo (Argentina)
Eubanks, Nancy (US)
Famérée, Joseph (Belgium) (Observer)
Ferrari, Beatriz (Uruguay)
Fitzgerald, O. Ray (US)
Fletcher, W. Brian (Ireland)
Foreman, Willie J. (US)
Forsaith, Peter (GB)
Freeman, George H. (US)
Gibbins, Olive R. (GB)
Green, Barbara Thorington (US)
Greenwaldt, Karen (US)
Gunter, W. Stephen (US)
Hall, Beverly A. (US)
Harries, Richard (GB)   (Visitor)
Hassinger, Susan (US)
Heim, Knut (GB)
Heitzenrater, Richard (US)
Henry-Crowe, Susan T. (US)
Hill, Craig C. (US)
Honey, Colin (Australia)
Howcroft, Kenneth G. (GB)
Hunter, George G. III (US)
Impey, Jenny (GB)   (Visitor)
Intipampa, Carlos (Bolivia)
Ireblad, Tord (Sweden)
Iwamoto, Sukenari (Japan)
Jacob, Emmanuel (GB)
Jennings, Theodore (US)
Johnson, Clinton Andy (US, Naz)
Jones, Margaret (GB)
Jones, Robert L. (GB)
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza (Brazil)
Kang, Youngsook Charlene (US)
Keen, Craig (US, Naz)
Keller, Catherine (US)
Kimbrough, S T Jr. (US)
Kingston, Gillian (Ireland)
Kiogora, Timothy (Kenya)
Klaiber, Walter (Germany)
Knox, E. Richard (US)
Kok, Ezra H. S. (Malaysia)
Kurewa, John W. Z. (Zimbabwe)
Lancaster, Sarah (US)
Lim, Isaac (Singapore)
Lindal, Alan (US)
Lo, Lung Kwong (Hong Kong)
Lockward, Jorge A. (US)
Logan, James C. (US)
Long, Stephen (US)
Lull, David J. (US)
Macquiban, Timothy A. S. (GB)
Maddox, Randy L. (US)
Madron, Thomas W. (US)
Maizel-Long, Judith I. (GB)
Manskar, Steve (US)
Marquardt, Manfred (Germany)
Marsh, Clive (GB)
Mather, Michael (US)
Matthaei, Sondra H. (US)
McCormick, K. Steve (US, Naz)
Meade, Joan Delsol (Montserrat)
Meadows, Philip (US)
Meeks, M. Douglas Jr. (US)
Messer, Donald E. (US)
Mhone, Daniel Levson (Malawi)
Míguez, Néstor O. (Argentina)
Mills, Frederick V. (US)
Minnick, C. P. Jr. (US)
Minor, Catherine L. (GB)
Moncure, Rhymes H. Jr. (US)
Moore, Mary Elizabeth (US)
Mulrain, George (Jamaica)
Nausner, Helmut (Austria)
Nausner, Michael (Austria)
Nikolaev, Sergei V. (Russia)
Oden, Amy (US)
Oduyoye, Mercy Amba (Ghana)
Oliveira Ribeiro, Claudio de (Brazil)
Olson, Harriett Jane (US)
O’Malley, J. Steven (US)
Oord, Thomas J. (US, Naz)
Park, Jong-Chun (Korea)
Park, Myung Soo (Korea)
Phillips, L. Edward (US)
Pickard, Donald A. (GB)
Pieterse, Hendrik R. (US)
Plant, Stephen (GB)
Randolph, Richard O. (US)
Reasoner, Don (US) (staff)
Reddie, Anthony (GB)
Reece, Wayne G. (US)
Rettenmayer, Stephen C. (US)
Reynolds, Mark Emery (US)
Rice, David (GB)
Richardson, Neil G. (GB)   (Visitor)
Richey, Russell E. (US)
Rieger, Joerg (US)
Robinson, Elaine A. (US)
Rodell, Jonathan (GB)
Rodgers, Richard E. A. (India)
Runyon, Theodore (US)
Ruth, Lester (US)
Sano, Roy I. (US)
Shier-Jones, Angela (GB)
Silishebo, Silishebo (Zambia)
Singh, Godwin R. (India)
Siuhengalu, Tevita (Tonga)
Smith, Colin A. (GB)
Smith, Fred D. (US)
Smith, J. Warren (US)
Snyder, Howard A. (US, FreeM)
Souza, José Carlos de (Brazil)
Stanley, John (US, C of G)
Stanley, Susie (US, C of G)
Stephens, W. Peter (GB)
Stone, Bryan P. (US, Naz)
Strong, Douglas (US)
Stubbings, Roger (GB)
Tan, Malcolm T. H. (Singapore)
Tanner, Mary (GB) (Observer)
Taylor, John B. (GB)
Thaarup, Joergen (Sweden)
Thomas, (Tom) Howe Octavius (US)
Topolewski, John L. (US)
Tucker, Karen Westerfield (US)
Tullett, Martin (GB)
Turner, J. Munsey (GB)
Turner, Michael K. (US)
Tuttle, Robert G. Jr. (US)
Tyson, John R. (US)
Valsalen, Frederick J. (India)
Vargas Alvarez, Emmanuel (Mexico)
Vincent, John J. (GB)
Vogt, Jerold W. (US)
Wainwright, Geoffrey (GB/US)
Walker, Maxine E. (US, Naz)
Wall, Robert W. (US, FreeM)
Wall, Terry (New Zealand)
Wallace, Charles I. (US)
Warner, Laceye Cammarano (US)
Watson, David Lowes (US)
Weber, Rob (US)
Weber, Theodore (US)
Webster, Robert (Assoc. Mem.)
Wellings, Martin (GB)
Wheeler, Sondra (US)
Whidden, Woodrow W. (US, Adv)
Wilkinson, Alison (GB)
Wilkinson, David (GB)
Wilson, Michael P. (GB)
Wingeier-Rayo, Philip (Mexico)
Wong, Eric K. C. (Hong Kong)
Wood, Andrew (GB)
Wood, Charles (US)
Woodruff, Jennifer Lynn (US)
Young, Emily (GB)
Young, Josiah U. III (US)
Young, Norman (Australia)
Yrigoyen, Charles Jr. (US)
Zele, Adam (US)

Attendants at 1997 Institute

(For abbreviations, see Summary of Attendants on Archives page)

Albin, Tom (US)
Alexander, Neil M. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Amerson, Philip A. (US)
Anderson, Cheryl B. (US)
Anderson, E. Byron (US)
Anderson, Lesley (Panama)
Azariah, Khushnud (US)
Beck, Brian E. (GB)
Bence, Clarence L. (US, Wes)
Birch, Bruce C. (US)
Bondi, Roberta (Chesnut) (US)
Boots, Nora Quiroga (Bolivia)
Boots, Wilson T. (Bolivia)
Bowen, Nancy R. (US)
Bowen, Starr (Chile)
Brenchley, Robert (GB)
Bryant, Stephen D. (US)
Cáceres, Raquel (Argentina)
Campbell, Dennis (US)
Campbell, Ted A. (US)
Carder, Kenneth (US)
Carter, David (GB)
Cartwright, Michael G. (US)
Carveley, Kenneth C. (GB)
César, Ely Eser Barreto (Brazil)
Chilcote, Paul Wesley (US)
Chio, Sing Ching Peter (Malaysia)
Christopher, Sharon Brown (US)
Clapper, Gregory S. (US)
Collins, Kenneth J. (US)
Couture, Pamela (US)
Crandall, Ronald King (US, FreeM)
Dabney, D. Lyle (US)
Dällenbach, Ann (Switzerland)
Darr, Katheryn (US)
Davies, Keith (GB)
Davis, Woody L. (US)
Day, Linda (US)
Deeks, David G. (GB)
del Rosario, Romeo (Malaysia)
Dew, William W. Jr. (US)
Escamilla, Roberto (US)
Eschmann, Holger (Germany)
Ewers, Duane A. (US)
Fitzgerald, O. Ray (US)
Fotland, Roar (Norway)
Fox, H. Eddie (US)
Frost, Francis (Switzerland) (Observer)
George, A. Raymond (GB) (Assoc. Mem.)
Gibbins, Olive R. (GB)
Greenwaldt, Karen (US)
Guidi, Cesar A. (Argentina) (Assoc. Mem.)
Gunter, W. Stephen (US)
Harnish, John E. (US)
Harries, Richard (GB) (Visitor)
Heitzenrater, Richard (US)
Hels, Sharon (US)
Hill, Craig C. (US)
Hixon, Stephanie (US)
Howcroft, Kenneth G. (GB)
Hunter, George G. III (US)
Imathiu, Grace (Kenya)
Impey, Jenny (GB) (staff)
Inbody, Tyron (US)
Ireblad, Tord (Sweden)
Ireson, Roger W. (US)
Irons, Neil L. (US)
Jennings, Theodore (US)
Johnson, R. Bruce (US)
Jones, Ezra Earl (US)
Jones, Margaret (GB)
Jones, Robert L. (GB)
Jones, Scott J. (US)
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza (Brazil)
Kasap’owan, T. (Zambia)
Keen, Craig (US, Naz)
Kennedy, John (GB)
Khoo, Lorna Lock-Nah (Singapore)
Kim, Hong-Ki (Korea)
Kimbrough, S T Jr. (US)
Kiogora, Timothy (Kenya)
Kirkpatrick, Dow (US)
Kissack, Reginald (GB) (Visitor)
Klaiber, Walter (Germany)
Knoller, Johannes (Germany)
Kok, Ezra H. S. (Malaysia)
Kudadjie, Joshua N. (Ghana)
Kumar, S. V. Sampath (India)
LaGree, Kevin (US)
Lee, Hoo-Jung (Korea)
Lindal, Alan (US) (Assoc)
Lo, Lung Kwong (Hong Kong)
Lobody, Diane H. (US)
Lockmann, Paulo (Brazil)
Loza, Machicado Gustavo (Bolivia)
Lull, David J. (US)
Luscombe, Philip (GB)
MacCormack, James T. (Ireland)
Macquiban, Timothy A. S. (GB)
Maddox, Randy L. (US)
Madron, Thomas W. (US)
Marquardt, Manfred (Germany)
Matthaei, Sondra H. (US)
McCormick, K. Steve (US, Naz)
Meade, Joan Delsol (Montserrat)
Meadows, Philip (US)
Meeks, M. Douglas Jr. (US)
Meistad, Tore (Norway)
Messer, Donald E. (US)
Míguez, Néstor O. (Argentina)
Míguez-Bonino, José (Argentina) (Visitor)
Mills, Frederick V. (US)
Mills, W. Douglas (US
Minnick, C. P. Jr. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Moltmann, Jürgen (Germany) (Visitor)
Monk, Robert C. (US)
Moore, Allen J. (US)
Moore, Mary Elizabeth (US)
Mulrain, George (Jamaica)
Mulunda, Nyanga Ngoy Daniel (Kenya)
Neufville, Marilyn (GB)
Newton, John A. (GB)
Ntambo, Nkulu Ntanda (Zambia)
Oden, Amy (US)
Oden, William (US)
Oduyoye, Mercy Amba (Ghana)
Olewine, Sandra K. (US)
Olson, Harriett Jane (US)
Pantelis, Jorge (Bolivia)
Park, Jong-Chun (Korea)
Parker, Simon B. (US)
Paterson, Susan (GB)
Peluso, Gary E. (US)
Plant, Stephen (GB)
Pointer, Lyle (US, Naz)
Pope-Levison, Priscilla (US)
Powell, Gareth (GB)
Quissico, Morais (Mozambique)
Rao, Naveen (India)
Redaelli, Nora G. (Argentina)
Rice, David (GB)
Richardson, Neil G. (GB) (Visitor)
Richey, Russell E. (US)
Robbins, Bruce W. (US)
Rodell, Jonathan (GB)
Rowe, Kenneth E. (US)
Roy, Parimal (India)
Ruffle, Douglas (US)
Runyon, Theodore (US)
Sano, Roy I. (US)
Santillana, Fernando (US)
Schmidt, Jean Miller (US)
Schultz, Carl (US)
Setiloane, Gabriel (S. Africa) (Visitor)
Shepherd, Victor A. (Canada)
Shillady, William S. (US) (Assoc)
Singh, Godwin R. (India)
Siuhengalu, Tevita (Tonga)
Smith, Judith E. (US)
Snyder, Howard A. (US, FreeM)
Souza, José Carlos de (Brazil)
Stamm, Mark W. (US)
Steele, Les (US, FreeM)
Stewart, Diane (US)
Stone, Ronald (US)
Streiff, Patrick P. (Switzerland)
Strong, Douglas (US)
Tan, Malcolm T. H. (Singapore)
Taylor, John B. (GB)
Tevi, Lorine Chan (Fiji)
Thorsen, Donald A. D. (US, FreeM)
Tiffany, Frederick (US)
Ting, Gah-Hing (Malaysia)
Topolewski, John L. (US)
Treese, Donald (US)
Tucker, Karen Westerfield (US)
Tullett, Martin (GB)
Tuttle, Robert G. Jr. (US)
Vargas-Alvarez, Emmanuel (Mexico)
Vogt, Jerold W. (US) (Assoc.)
Wainwright, Geoffrey (GB/US)
Walker, Maxine E. (US, Naz)
Wall, Robert W. (US, FreeM)
Wall, Terry (New Zealand)
Wallace, Charles I. (US)
Wang, Tai-il (Korea)
Washington, Debra (US)
Watson, David Lowes (US)
Weber, Regina Coeli (Brazil)
Weber, Theodore (US)
Weir, Emmette (Bahamas)
Wellings, Martin (GB)
Whidden, Woodrow W. (US, Adv)
Wiley, Jill (GB)
Wilson, Kenneth B. (GB)
Wilson, Michael P. (GB)
Wogaman, J. Philip (US)
Wood, Charles (US)
Yemba, David K. (Zimbabwe)
Young, Frances (GB)
Young, Josiah U. III (US)
Young, Norman (Australia)
Yrigoyen, Charles Jr. (US)

Attendants at 1992 Institute

(For abbreviations, see Summary of Attendants on Archives page)

Abraham, William J. (Ireland/US)
Albin, Tom (US)
Alexander, Neil M. (US)
Araya Guillén, Victorio (Costa Rica)
Baldeon, Luis (Peru)
Banana, Canaan (Zimbabwe)
Bassett, Paul (US, Naz)
Beck, Brian E. (GB)
Birch, Bruce C. (US)
Bird, Phyllis (US)
Bondi, Roberta (Chesnut) (US)
Boots, Nora Quiroga (Bolivia)
Boots, Wilson T. (Bolivia) (Assoc. Mem.)
Borgen, Ole E. (Sweden)
Bowen, Starr (Chile)
Brockwell, Charles W. (US)
Brown, Joanne Carlson (Canada)
Buckles, Joseph A. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Butler, David A. R. (GB)
Cáceres, Raquel (Argentina)
Campbell, Dennis (US)
Campbell, Ted A. (US)
Cannon, William R. (US)
Carder, Kenneth (US)
César, Ely Eser Barreto (Brazil)
Chilcote, Paul Wesley (US) (Visitor)
Chopp, Rebecca (US)
Clapper, Gregory S. (US)
Coleson, Joseph E. (US, Wes)
Collins, Kenneth J. (US)
Cornelius, Cyril (India)
Couture, Pamela (US)
Crandall, Ronald King (US, FreeM)
Dandala, V. Vakele (S Africa)
Darr, Katheryn (US)
Darr, John A. (US)
Dayton, Donald W. (US, Wes)
Dutton, Denis C. (Malaysia)
English, Donald (GB) (Visitor)
Farmer, Kathleen A. (US)
Feaster, Robert K. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Felton, Gayle C. (US)
Field, Dorothy (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Fitzgerald, O. Ray (US)
Fox, H. Eddie (US)
Frost, Francis (Switzerland) (Roman Catholic Observer)
Georg, Hans-Joachim (Germany) (Assoc. Mem.)
George, A. Raymond (GB)
Gibbins, Olive R. (GB)
Gravely, Will (US)
Hale, Joe (US)
Hecke, Karl-Heinz (Germany)
Heitzenrater, Richard (US)
Hicks, Douglas (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Holden, Tony (GB)
Howard, Peter (US)
Howcroft, Kenneth G. (GB)
Hulley, Len (S. Africa)
Hunter, George G. III (US)
Imathiu, Grace (Kenya)
Impey, Jenny (GB)
Ireblad, Tord (Sweden)
Ireson, Roger W. (US)
Jennings, Theodore (US)
Johnson, Neil (GB) (Assoc. Mem.)
Jones, L. Gregory (US)
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza (Brazil)
Khan, Kendrick Rahamat (Carib.)
Khoo, Lorna Lock-Nah (Singapore)
Kim, Stephen S. (US)
Kimbrough, S T Jr. (US)
Kingston, Gillian (Ireland)
Kiogora, Timothy (Kenya)
Kirkpatrick, Dow (US)
Kirton, Allan (US)
Klaiber, Walter (Germany)
Kok, Ezra H. S. (Malaysia)
Kristiansen, Roald E. (Norway)
Kudadjie, Joshua N. (Ghana)
Langford, Thomas (US)
Lawson, David (US)
Lee, Hoo-Jung (Korea)
Lee, Ke Joon (Korea)
Lewis, Stephen W. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Lindal, Alan (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Lobody, Diane H. (US)
Lodewigs, Siegfried (Germany)
Lopez, Ediberto (Puerto Rico)
Luscombe, Philip (GB)
Lyon, Robert W. (US)
Macquiban, Timothy A. S. (GB)
Maddox, Randy L. (US)
Madron, Thomas W. (US)
Mahlasela, Joseph (S. Africa)
Maizel-Long, Judith I. (GB)
Marquardt, Manfred (Germany)
Matthaei, Sondra H. (US)
Matthews, Rex D. (US)
Mbete, Andile (S. Africa)
McCabe, Kendall K. (US)
McEllhenney, John G. (US)
Meeks, M. Douglas Jr. (US)
Messer, Donald E. (US)
Minnick, C. P. Jr. (US)
Monk, Robert C. (US)
Moore, Allen J. (US)
Moore, Mary Elizabeth (US)
Mosala, Itumeleng (S. Africa)
Mota, Francisco A. (Brazil)
Moyes, Gordon (Australia)
Mukangara, Martha (Zimbabwe)
Nthamburi, Zablon (Kenya)
Oliveira, Clory Trinidade de (Brazil)
Panizo-Valladares, Rosanna (Peru)
Pantelis, Jorge (Bolivia)
Park, Jong-Chun (Korea)
Pickard, Donald A. (GB)
Powers, Jeanne Audrey (US)
Pressler, Carolyn (US)
Puslecki, Edward (Poland)
Richardson, Kathleen (GB) (Visitor)
Richey, Russell E. (US)
Rock, Leonard (Carib.) (Assoc. Mem.)
Rodgers, Richard E. A. (India)
Roeseler, Stefan (Germany)
Rowe, Kenneth E. (US)
Runyon, Theodore (US)
Sampley, J. Paul (US)
Sano, Roy I. (US)
Schmidt, Jean Miller (US)
Schultz, Carl (US)
Shastri, Hermen (Malaysia)
Shim, Gunshik (US)
Snyder, Howard A. (US, FreeM)
Solomon, Dan E. (US)
Souza, José Carlos de (Brazil)
Stevens-Noel, Tomas A. (Chile)
Stringer, David (GB)
Strong, Douglas (US)
Tan, Malcolm T. H. (Singapore)
Taylor, John B. (GB)
Tedcastle, R. Gerald (GB)
Teveraji, P. (Malaysia)
Thomas, (Tom) Howe Octavius (US)
Thompson, Kenneth H. (Ireland)
Thorsen, Donald A. D. (US, FreeM)
Topolewski, John L. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Topolewski, Nancy (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Treese, Donald (US)
Tucker, Karen Westerfield (US)
Tuttle, Robert G. Jr. (US)
Tuwere, Ilaitia Sevati (Fiji)
Tyson, John R. (US)
Udy, James S. (Australia)
Valsalen, Frederick J. (India)
Vargas Alvarez, Emmanuel (Mexico)
Vickers, John A. (GB) (Visitor)
Vincent, John J. (GB)
Wainwright, Geoffrey (GB/US)
Wall, Robert W. (US, FreeM)
Walsh, John (GB) (Visitor)
Watson, David Lowes (US)
Weber, Regina Coeli (Brazil)
Weber, Theodore (US)
Wells, Harold G. (Canada)
Williams, Robert J. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Williams, Rowan (GB) (Anglican Observer)
Wogaman, J. Philip (US)
Yemba, David K. (Zimbabwe)
Young, Josiah U. III (US)
Young, Norman (Australia)
Yrigoyen, Charles Jr. (US)
Zorzin, Alejandro (Argentina)

Attendants at 1987 Institute

(For abbreviations, see Summary of Attendants on Archives page)

Abraham, William J. (Ireland/US)
Alexander, Neil M (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Araya Guillén, Victorio (Costa Rica)
Barrett, C. Kingsley (GB) (Visitor)
Bassett, Paul (US, Naz)
Beck, Brian E. (GB)
Bellamy, Elizabeth J. (GB)
Birch, Bruce C. (US)
Bird, Phyllis (US)
Bondi, Roberta (Chesnut) (US)
Boots, Nora Quiroga (Bolivia)
Boots, Wilson T. (Bolivia) (Assoc. Mem.)
Borgen, Ole E. (Sweden)
Borgen, Peder (Norway)
Brantley, Richard E. (US)
Brockwell, Charles W. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Browder, Michael H. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Brown, Delwin (US)
Brown, Joanne Carlson (Canada)
Bundy, David (US)
Cain, Richard W. (US)
Campbell, Dennis (US)
Campbell, Ted A. (US)
Cannon, William R. (US)
Carvalho, Emilio J. M. de (Angola)
Case, William (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Chilcote, Paul Wesley (US) (Visitor)
Clapper, Gregory S. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Coleson, Joseph E. (US, Wes) (Assoc. Mem.)
Couture, Pamela (US)
Crandall, Ronald King (US, FreeM)
Dayton, Donald W. (US, Wes)
Dicker, Gordon S. (Australia)
Dieter, Melvin E. (US, Wes)
Dinis, Emanuel (Portugal)
Dixon, Ernest T. Jr. (US)
Doraisamy, T. R. (Singapore)
Duckworth, Brian (GB)
Dunlap, E. Dale (US)
Evans, Gillian R. (GB) (Observer)
Ewers, Duane A. (US)
Feaster, Robert K. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Fitzgerald, O. Ray (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Forward, Martin H. (GB)
Fox, H. Eddie (US)
Gassmann, Gunther (Germany) (Observer)
George, A. Raymond (GB)
Gibbins, Olive R. (GB)
Grana, Janice T. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Gros, Jeffrey (US) (Observer)
Grove, William Boyd (US)
Groves, Martin L. (GB)
Gunter, W. Stephen (US)
Gúzman, Aníbal (Bolivia)
Hale, Joe (US)
Hall, Thor (US)
Harvey, Louis-Charles (US)
Hastings, Adrian (GB) (Visitor)
Hecke, Karl-Heinz (Germany)
Heitzenrater, Richard (US)
Hendricks, J. Mark (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Herzog, Frederick (US)
Howcroft, Kenneth G. (GB)
Hoyt, Thomas Jr. (US)
Hulley, Len (S. Africa)
Hunter, George G. III (US)
Hutchinson, Orion Jr. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Imathiu, Lawi (Kenya) (Visitor)
Ireblad, Tord (Sweden)
Ireson, Roger W. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Jackson, Michael (GB) (Observer)
Jacob, Emmanuel (GB)
Jacob, Paul (India)
Jennings, Theodore (US)
Jones, Ezra Earl (US)
Jones, Scott J. (US)
Jordan, John E. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza (Brazil)
Khan, Kendrick Rahamat (Carib.)
Khoo, Lorna Lock-Nah (Singapore)
Kirby, James E. (US)
Kirkpatrick, Dow (US)
Klaiber, Walter (Germany)
Kristiansen, Roald E. (Norway)
Langford, Thomas (US)
Lim, Isaac (Singapore)
Lo, Lung Kwong (Hong Kong)
Lull, David J. (US)
MacCormack, James T. (Ireland)
Maddox, Randy L. (US)
Marquardt, Manfred (Germany)
Matthews, Rex D. (US)
Mattos, Paulo Ayres (Brazil)
McEllhenney, John G. (US)
Meeks, M. Douglas Jr. (US)
Meistad, Tore (Norway)
Míguez-Bonino, José (Argentina)
Mills, W. Douglas (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Minnick, C. P. Jr. (US)
Mogabgab, John S. (US)
Monk, Robert C. (US)
Monti, Emilio N. (Argentina)
Moore, Allen J. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Moore, Mary Elizabeth (US)
Mosala, Itumeleng (S. Africa)
Nacpil, Emerito (Philippines) (Assoc. Mem.)
Newsom, Carol A. (US)
Nicholson, Jean (GB)
Niles, H. Clifton (Jamaica)
Nthamburi, Rosemary (Kenya)
Nthamburi, Zablon (Kenya)
Oduyoye, Mercy Amba (Ghana)
O’Malley, J. Steven (US)
Outler, Albert (US)
Padgett, Alan J. (US)
Palmer, David G. (GB)
Panizo-Valladares, Rosanna (Peru)
Patterson, Ronald H. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Pickard, Donald A. (GB)
Pressley, Arthur (US)
Prochazka, Pavel (Czechoslovakia)
Ramirez, Dagoberto (Chile)
Reed, Esther D. (GB)
Richey, Russell E. (US)
Ringe, Sharon H. (US)
Roberts, J. Deotis (US)
Roeder, Thomas (Germany)
Rowe, B. Keith (New Zealand)
Rowe, Trevor T. (GB)
Ruhnow, Wolfgang (Germany)
Ruiz, Avila Raul (Mexico)
Runyon, Theodore (US)
Sampley, J. Paul (US)
Sano, Roy I. (US)
Schmidt, Jean Miller (US)
Schultz, Carl (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Sells, L. Ray (US)
Slack, R. Thomas (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Smith, Timothy L. (US, Naz)
Snyder, Howard A. (US, FreeM)
Souza, José Carlos de (Brazil)
Spence, Terence (GB)
Spencer-Miller, Althea (Jamaica)
Stephens, W. Peter (GB)
Stephenson, Brenda (GB) (Observer)
Streiff, Patrick P. (Switzerland)
Stuart, William J. (US)
Summers, Howard (S. Africa)
Svanberg, Lars (Sweden)
Tedcastle, R. Gerald (GB)
Thomas, (Tom) Howe Octavius (US)
Thompson, Kenneth H. (Ireland)
Thompson, Marjorie J. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Topolewski, John L. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Topolewski, Nancy (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Treese, Donald (US)
Trickett, David (US)
Tuttle, Robert G. Jr. (US)
Tu’uholoaki, Finau (Fiji)
Tyson, John R. (US)
Verheyden, Jack (US)
Villegas, Rolando Villena (Bolivia)
Vincent, John J. (GB)
Wainwright, Geoffrey (GB/US)
Waitzmann, Martin (Germany)
Wakefield, Gordon S. (GB)
Walsh, John (GB) (Visitor)
Ward, W. Reginald (GB)
Watson, David Lowes (US)
Weber, Theodore (US)
Weir, Emmette (Bahamas)
Weissbach, Albrecht (Germany)
Weyer, Michel (Germany)
Whiteman, Darrell L. (US, FreeM) (Assoc. Mem.)
Williams, Robert J. (US) (Assoc. Mem.)
Wiltsher, Christopher D. (GB)
Wladar, Antonia (Hungary)
Wogaman, J. Philip (US)
Wood, D’Arcy (Australia)
Woodley, Alan K. (New Zealand)
Young, Norman (Australia)
Yrigoyen, Charles Jr. (US)
Wladar, Antonia (Hungary)