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Membership and Costs

Membership in the Fourteenth Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies

Types of Membership

Full Members: Most participants will be full members, expected to attend all sessions and make a formal scholarly presentation in either a plenary session or a working group.

Associate Members: There will be a few slots (mainly for representatives from supporting agencies) for associate members, who attend plenary sessions and participate in a working group, but are not expected to make a formal presentation.

Note: Both types of members are expected to reside in college at Pembroke, and to be present for the duration of the Institute.

Selection of Members

In keeping with its mission, and the realities of cost and space, membership in the Fourteenth Institute must be limited. Not all who would like to attend can be included. Four major principles will guide selection of members from among the applicants.

1. Potential full members are evaluated within each working group area concerning the promise of their scholarly contribution to the focus of the Institute and to advancing the current state of discussion in their field.
2. Attention is given to gathering a widely representative Institute.This includes insuring a sufficient number of participants from the various global settings of Methodism and seeking representation from the range of member churches in the World Methodist Council. It also involves consideration of disciplinary specialization, junior/senior scholar status, gender, and ethnicity.
3. The Institute is committed to encouraging and supporting participation in our ranks of young emerging scholars within the broad Methodist/Wesleyan tradition.
4. Finally, we purposefully include some scholarly ecclesial leaders (bishops, pastors, agency staff, etc.), to help foster the vital interchange between the academy and the church.

Costs for Institute Participation

The residential fee for the Fourteenth Oxford Institute will be £995 (depending on the rate of exchange, approximately $1250). This fee includes lodging (all rooms are ensuite) and full board at Pembroke College.

The residential fee is assessed to all Full and Associate Members. There may be some possibility of spouses accompanying Members and residing in college, but they too would pay the full fee.

Travel expenses are additional to the residential fee.

Assistance with Costs of Institute Participation

Members are expected to provide for their own expenses. Members’ institutions or churches are strongly encouraged to cover these costs. In a few cases, national committees provide funds to assist with the costs of participation.

The Institute itself has some funds for assisting members with the costs of participation. These are prioritized for assisting persons from the Two-Thirds World. There is the possibility of partial support for a few other participants—with priority going to younger scholars (including doctoral students) who have little institutional support.

There is no formal application for such partial support. However, you should mention in your application cover letter if such support would be essential to enabling your participation.