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First Institute


Lincoln College, July 19-29, 1958

Attendance: 108 members + 7 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Warden: Reginald Kissack
Pre-conference for U.S. delegation aboard SS Empress of France from Montreal

Keynote Speaker: Reginald Kissack

Other Plenary Speakers:

George Claude Baker, Jr.
The Relation of Faith and Order in the New Testament”*

C. Kingsley Barrett
“Kerygma and Response in the New Testament”

William R. Cannon

Charles Coulson
Some Recent Developments in Science and their Implications to Theology”*

Rupert E. Davies
The People of God”*

A. Raymond George

Harold DeWolf,
A Theological Evaluation of Natural Theology”*

Franz Hildebrandt
Can the Distinctive Methodist Emphasis Be Said to be Rooted in the New Testament?”*

Stanley Hopper
“Communication and Modes of Meaning”

E. Anker Nilsen
Prevenient Grace”*

Harold Roberts
The Doctrine of Conversion”*

E. Gordon Rupp
The Future of the Methodist Tradition”*

David C. Shipley
The Development of Theology in American Methodism in the Nineteenth Century”*

Norman Snaith
“Grace and Faith in the Old Testament”

Mack Stokes
The Holy Spirit in Biblical Theology”*

William Strawson
Wesley’s Doctrine of the Last Things”*

Philip S. Watson
Justification” [published in The Concept of Grace (Philadelphia: Muhlenburg, 1959), 31-43]

Bible Study: A. Marcus Ward & Ernest W. Saunders, on Romans 1–8

*Marked papers were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
The London Quarterly and Holborn Review 184 (July 1959): 165–274.
(a short description of the Institute is given on pp. 162–64.)