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A Half a Century of Contribution

The Oxford Institute has reached the half-century mark in its scholarly work in service to Wesleyan and Methodist traditions. It is our desire to make the fruits of this work as widely available as possible. Accordingly, we provide this public access to the basic archives of the Institute.

Each Institute link below takes you to a page which gives details on the speakers and venue for that meeting, along with a link to a list of attendants.

• Starting in 1982 there are also details on Working Groups within each Institute, and indication of where Working Group papers have been published.

• Starting in 2002 there are links to some Working Group papers not published elsewhere.

1st Institute (1958)
2nd Institute (1962)
3rd Institute (1965)
4th Institute (1969)
5th Institute (1973)
6th Institute (1977)
7th Institute (1982)
8th Institute (1987)
9th Institute (1992)
10th Institute (1997)
11th Institute (2002)
12th Institute (2007)
13th Institute (2013)
14th Institute (2018)

A separate page summarizing all participants to-date, for comparative purposes, has been provided here (pdf).
There are online copies of OXFORDnotes, the occasional newsletter of the Institute, provided here.

Additional physical archives relating to the Institute are housed at the headquarters of the World Methodist Council in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, USA; and at the Wesley and Methodist Studies Centre, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England.