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Seventh Institute


Keble College, July 26 – August 6, 1982

Attendance: 145 members + 2 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Keynote Speaker:

M. Douglas Meeks
The Future of the Methodist Theological Traditions”*

Other Plenary Speakers:

S. Wesley Ariarajah
Evangelism and Wesley’s Catholicity of Grace”*

James W. Fowler
John Wesley’s Development in Faith”*

Albert C. Outler
A New Future for Wesley Studies: An Agenda for ‘Phase III’’”*

Elsa Tamez
Wesley as Read by the Poor”*

Geoffrey Wainwright
Ecclesial Location and Ecumenical Vocation

Brian E. Beck
A Retrospect”*

Working Groups  [click here to see a list of participants and presentations]

  1. Wesley Studies*
  2. Salvation, Justice, and the Theological Task*
  3. Ecclesiology and Sacraments in an Ecumenical Context*
  4. Evangelism in the Wesleyan Traditions*
  5. Wesleyan Spirituality and Faith Development*

Observers: Cuthbert Rand (Roman Catholic), Mary Tanner (Anglican)

*Marked papers and working group reports were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
Meeks, M. Douglas, ed. The Future of the Methodist Theological Traditions. Nashville: Abingdon, 1985.
(The text of Meeks’s Introduction)

Essay also published in proceedings, but not presented orally at meeting:

David Lowes Watson
A Praxis Approach to Evangelism: Reflections on the Realities of Contemporary Evangelical Outreach.”