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of the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies

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  1. There shall be a committee for the Oxford Institute, which shall be a Special Committee of the World Methodist Council, nominated at the time of the Institute by the outgoing Institute Committee after appropriate consultation within the Institute membership, and confirmed by the Executive Committee of the World Methodist Council at its next meeting thereafter.
  2. Any changes in the membership of the Committee shall at all times be governed by this constitution. The World Methodist Council Executive shall be free to substitute names.
  3. The Committee shall serve until the next meeting of the Institute and the nomination of its successor.
  4. The constitution of the Committee shall be as follows. Those in categories (a) and (b) shall constitute the Officers.
    1. Up to ten (10) Co-chairpersons and no fewer than five (5), of whom no more than two (2) shall be from the same region, at least one of which shall be from the United States and another Great Britain/Ireland, chosen to reflect the aims, purposes and diversity of the Institute. No Co-chair shall serve more than two (2) successive terms.
    2. A British and a North American Secretary, who shall jointly have particular responsibility for arrangements for the Institute at Oxford.
    3. The Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the World Methodist Council and the General Secretary of the Council ex officio.
    4. One person representative of each of the subject areas with which the Institute in the year of nomination is concerned.
    5. Not less than six and not more than twelve other persons who are members of the Institute in the year of nomination, or who were members of one of the last two preceding Institutes. In selecting names in this category effort shall be made, so far as is practicable,
        1. to secure inclusiveness of women and younger theologians,
        2. to secure membership of representatives of different traditions which claim the Wesleyan heritage,
        3. to guarantee geographical representation.

      No one may be a member of the Committee in this category for more than three successive Institutes.

  5. The Committee may co-opt up to five consultants who shall be entitled to attend meetings and may be consulted by post, but have no vote.
  6. The Committee shall be responsible for arranging the regular meetings of the Institute. Regional or other additional meetings may also be arranged.
  7. The Committee shall be responsible for maintaining, by publications, correspondence or otherwise, such contacts between members of the Institute and other interested persons as may from time to time be determined.
  8. The Committee may publish the proceedings of the Institute and other work as may be desirable and financially sustainable.
  9. The Committee shall have power to determine charges and all other details necessary for the meeting of the Institute.
  10. Accounts of all funds held by the World Methodist Council on behalf of the Committee shall be audited regularly and statements rendered to the Committee by the Treasurer of the World Methodist Council.
  11. The Committee shall conduct its business (a) by meetings at the Institute; (b) by such other meetings of available members at the time of a meeting of the WMC Executive Committee as may be desirable; (c) by correspondence. A valid meeting of the Committee shall require the presence of at least two of the Officers.
  12. Regular meetings of the Institute shall be held at intervals of not less than four and nor more than six years. At each Institute the outgoing and incoming chairpersons shall recommend the venue for the following Institute, which will need to be ratified by two thirds of the Committee and be confirmed by the Executive Committee of the World Methodist Council.
  13. The Committee may delegate any of its powers (except that of varying the venue of the regular meetings of the Institute) to a sub-committee, which shall consist of the Officers, with or without other Committee members.
  14. This constitution may be amended by a vote of 75% of the total membership of the Committee and the concurrence of the Executive Committee of the World Methodist Council.

Adopted at Oxford on 31 July 1992, amended by postal vote 18 September 1992, and amended at Oxford on 17 August 2007.