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Eighth Institute


Somerville and St Hugh’s Colleges, July 27 – August 6, 1987

Attendance: 177 members + 5 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Introduction: Brian E. Beck
Prospects for Methodist Teaching and Confessing”*

Keynote Speaker:

Albert C. Outler
Methodists in Search of Consensus”*

Other Plenary Speakers:

C. Kingsley Barrett
Righteousness and Justification”*

Günther Gassmann
Toward the Common Expression of the Apostolic Faith Today”*

Adrian Hastings
Pluralism: The Relation of Theology to Religious Studies”*

M. Douglas Meeks
Reflections and Open Tasks”*

José Míguez-Bonino
Reflections on the Church’s Authoritative Teaching on Social Questions”*

Mercy Amba Oduyoye
Teaching Authoritatively amidst Christian Pluralism in Africa”*

Geoffrey Wainwright
Methodism and the Apostolic Faith”*

John Walsh
John Wesley and the Poor” [published in Revue Franςaise de Civilisation Britannique 6.3 (Nov. 1991): 17-30.]

Working Groups:

  1. Current Biblical Criticism and Methodist Teaching
  2. Wesley Studies: What and How Did John Wesley Teach?
  3. Methodist Teaching and Social and Economic Issues of the Nineteenth Century
  4. Methodist Economic and Social Teachings and the Challenge of Liberation Theology
  5. Methodist Evangelism and Doctrine
  6. Contemporary Methodist Theology and Doctrinal Consensus

Observers: Günther Gassmann (World Council of Churches), Michael Jackson (Roman Catholic), Gillian Evans (Anglican), Brenda Stephenson (Reformed)

*Marked papers were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
Meeks, M. Douglas, ed. What Should Methodists Teach? Wesleyan Tradition and Modern Diversity. Nashville: Kingswood Books, 1990.
(The text of Meeks’s Introduction)

Paper from Working Group 5 also included in published proceedings:

Gillian R. Evans
Consensus and Reception