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Sixth Institute


Lincoln College, July 18-28, 1977

Attendance: 91 members + 3 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Warden: Rena Karefa-Smart

Keynote Speaker:

José Míguez-Bonino
Wesley’s Doctrine of Sanctification from a Liberationist Perspective”*

Other Plenary Speakers:

James H. Cone
Sanctification and Liberation in the Black Religious Tradition with 
Special Reference to Black Worship”*

Rupert E. Davies
Justification, Sanctification, and the Liberation of the Person”*

Donald W. Dayton
Whither Evangelicalism?“*

Kwesi A. Dickson
The Methodist Witness and the African Situation”*

John Kent
Methodism and Social Change”*

Dow Kirkpatrick
A Liberating Pastoral for the Rich”*

W. Dayalan Niles
“Search for Community: A Preliminary Exploration of the Theology of Daniel T. Niles”

Theodore Runyon
Wesley and the Theologies of Liberation”*

Timothy L. Smith
Holiness and Radicalism in Nineteenth-Century America”*

Bible Study: Dorothy Valenzuela, selected passages on liberation

Observers: Cuthbert Rand (Roman Catholic), F. W. Dillistone (Anglican)

*Marked papers were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
Runyon, Theodore, ed. Sanctification and Liberation: Liberation Theologies in the Light of the Wesleyan Tradition. Nashville: Abingdon, 1981.
(The text of Runyon’s preface)

Essays also published in proceedings, not presented orally at meeting:

Nancy A. Hardesty
The Wesleyan Movement and Women’s Liberation

Thomas W. Madron
John Wesley on Economics