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Fourth Institute


Lincoln College, July 21-31, 1969

Attendance: 106 members + 7 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Warden: A. Raymond George
Pre-conference for U.S. delegation aboard SS France from New York†

Other Plenary Speakers:

Rupert E. Davies*

Paul Hessert
Is the ‘Living God’ a Theological Category?”*

Emerito P. Nacpil
Modernization and the Search for a New Image of Man”*

Thomas W. Ogletree
The Gospel as Power: Explorations in a Theology of Social Change”*

David A. Pailin
Theistic Verification”*

Ian T. Ramsey
Prayer and Action”*

Christie H. Rosa
The Presence of the Living God amidst the Cultural Revolution of a People”*

Theodore Runyon
Conflicting Theological Models for God”*

William Strawson
The Living God in the Living Word”*

Bible Study: John A. Ziesler, on Exodus 3 & John 1

Observers: William Purdy, Robert Murray (Roman Catholic); F. W. Dillistone (Anglican); John Marsh (Congregational)

*Marked papers were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
Kirkpatrick, Dow, editor. The Living God. Nashville: Abingdon, 1971.
(The text of Kirkpatrick’s preface)

†Selected Pre-conference papers published in The Iliff Review 27.2 (Spring 1970): 19–68.

Dicken, Thomas M.
God and Matter: An Inquiry into the Nature of God’s Action in a Physical Universe.” Iliff Review 27.1 (1970): 13–25.

Meredith, Lawrence
Invocation from Algeria: Albert Camus and the Living God.” Iliff Review 27.2 (1970): 19–30.

Rogers, Charles A.
On Knowing God.” Iliff Review 27.2 (1970): 59–68.

Webb, Donald A.
Dostoevsky and Christian Agnosticism.” Iliff Review 27.2 (1970): 31–39.