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Fifth Institute


Lincoln College, July 23-August 2, 1973

Attendance: 90 members + 5 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Warden: José Míguez-Bonino

Other Plenary Speakers:

Daniel C. Arichea, Jr.
The Holy Spirit and the Ordained Ministry”*

Walter J. J. Hollenweger
Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches: A Challenge to the Churches”*

Bolaji Idowu
The Spirit of God in the Natural World”*

Thomas A. Langford
The Holy Spirit and Sanctification: Refinding the Lost Image of Creation”*

John Meyendorff
The Holy Spirit, as God”*

André Pieters
The Spirit of God and the Human Spirit”*

Stanley J. Samartha
The Holy Spirit and People of Various Faiths, Cultures, and Ideologies”*

Peter Stephens
The Gifts of the Spirit in the Church”*

Richard Tholin
The Holy Spirit and Liberation Movements: The Response of the Church”*

Maurice Wiles
The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation”*

Sermon: José Míguez-Bonino
The Spirit Groans”*

Bible Study: Morna D. Hooker, selected passages from the Pauline epistles

Observer: Cheslyn Jones (Anglican)

*Marked papers were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
Kirkpatrick, Dow, ed. The Holy Spirit. Nashville: Tidings, 1974.
(The text of Kirkpatrick’s preface)