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Second Institute


Lincoln College, July 17-27, 1962

Attendance: 89 members + 8 visitors

Group Photo
Attendee List

Warden: Harold Roberts
Pre-conference for U.S. delegation aboard SS Statendam from New York

Keynote Speaker: Harold Roberts

Other Plenary Speakers:

C. Kingsley Barrett
The Ministry in the New Testament”*

Herbert J. Cook
Confirmation and the Lay Membership of the Church“*

Robert E. Cushman
Baptism and the Family of God”*

C. H. Dodd
The Biblical Doctrine of the People of God”*

A. Raymond George
The Lord’s Supper”*

Frederic Greeves
The Unity of the Church“*

John H. S. Kent
The Church and the World: A Reappraisal of Hugh Price Hughes and the Non-Conformist Conscience” [published as “Hugh Price Hughes and the Nonconformist Conscience,” in Essays in Modern English Church History, ed. G. V. Bennett & J. D. Walsh (New York: Oxford University Press, 1966), 181-205]

Gerald O. McCulloh
The Discipline of Life in Early Methodism through Preaching and Other Means of Grace”*

Albert C. Outler
Do Methodists Have a Doctrine of the Church?”*

E. Gordon Rupp
The Doctrine of the Church at the Reformation”*

F. Thomas Trotter
The Church and Modern Man”*

Philip S. Watson
Ordination and the Ministry of the Church

Bible Study: Rupert E. Davies & Karlfried Froelich, on Ephesians

*Marked papers were published as proceedings of this Institute in:
Kirkpatrick, Dow, ed. The Doctrine of the Church. Nashville: Abingdon and London: Epworth, 1964.
(The text of Kirkpatrick’s preface)