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Working Groups at 1992 Institute


The Call for Proposals for these groups was published in OXFORDnotes2.5
Reports from each group were published in OXFORDnotes3.1


Conveners: Bruce Birch & Katheryn Darr


Birch, Bruce C. Let Justice Roll Down: The Old Testament, Ethics, and Christian Life(Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1991), Chapters 4 and 8.
Bird, Phyllis A. “Gender and Poverty: Biblical Perspectives” (published as “Poor Man or Poor Woman? Gendering the Poor in Prophetic Texts,” in On Reading Prophetic Texts: Gender-Specific and Related Studies in Memory of Fokkelien van Dijk-Hemmes, edited by Bob Becking & Meindert Dijkstra [Leiden: Brill, 1996], 37–51; reprinted in Bird, Missing Persons and Mistaken Identities: Women and Gender in Ancient Israel [Minneapolis: Augsburg/Fortress, 1997], 67–78).
Cesar, Ely Eser Barreto. “The Poor as Hermeneutic Reference of the Wesleyan Tradition.”
Coleson, Joseph E. “The Peasants, The Lovers, The Sage, The Vanquished, and The Queen: Does the Good News for the Poor Appear in the Megillot?”
Darr, John A. “‘Good News to the Poor’: The Rhetoric of Poverty and Possessions in Luke-Acts.”
Farmer, Kathleen A. “What Do We Gain From All Our Toil? The Demystification of Wealth in the Wisdom Tradition.”
Kirkpatrick, Dow. “A Liberating Hermeneutic for the Rich.”
Klaiber, Walter. “The First Beatitude – The Interpretation of Wesley and New Testament Exegesis.”
Kok, Ezra. “Paul’s Apostolic Commission, Gentile-Mission Conviction and Hermeneutical Priority in the Letter to the Galatians.”
Lopez, Ediberto. “Class Antagonism and Exploitation in Jesus’ Parables: Mark 12” (incorporated into Para que comprendiesen las Escrituras: Introducción a los Métodos Exegéticos [San Juan, Puerto Rico: Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico, 2003]).
Lyon, Robert W. “The Poor Church as the Truly Evangelic Church.”
Pressler, Carolyn. “Race and Class in Teaching the Bible.”
Schultz, Carl. “The Go’el Concept: Comprehensive and International Redemption.”
Wall, Robert W. “A New Testament Theology of the Poor: A Canonical Critical Perspective” (published as an excursus in Community of the Wise: The Letter of James [Valley Forge, PA: Trinity Press, 1997], 234–47).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Beck, Brian E.
Hecke, Karl-Heinz
Imathiu, Grace
Ireblad, Tord
Kingston, Gillian
Minnick, C. P. Jr.
Mosala, Itumeleng (gave plenary address)
Rodgers, Richard E. A.
Sampley, J. Paul
Tedcastle, Gerald


Conveners: Ted Campbell & Lorna Lock-Nah Khoo


Brockwell, Charles. “Forms of Vita Apostolica et Evangelica: Mendicants and Methodists.”
Butler, David A. R. “Good News to the London Poor: A Comparison of the Philanthropy of John Wesley and Richard Challoner (1691–1781), Vicar Apostolic of the London District” (published in Epworth Review 21.1 [1994]: 109–17).
Carder, Kenneth. “Proclaiming the Gospel of Grace” (published in Theology and Evangelism in the Wesleyan Heritage, edited by James Logan [Nashville: Abingdon, 1994], 81–94).
Clapper, Gregory S. “John Wesley’s Understanding of ‘Spiritual Poverty.’”
Collins, Kenneth J. “The Soteriological Orientation of John Wesley’s Ministry to the Poor” (published in Asbury Theological Journal 50 [1995]: 75–92).
Howard, Peter. “John Wesley and the Poor: A Lateral Approach.”
Kimbrough, S T Jr. “Charles Wesley and the Poor” (included in published proceedings for this Institute).
McEllhenney, John G. “Two Critiques of Wealth: John Wesley and Samuel Johnson Assess the Lure of Mammon” (published in Methodist History 32 [1994]: 147–59).
Madron, Thomas. “John Wesley on Justice.”
Monk, Robert C. “Puritan Poor and Wesleyan Poor.”
Tyson, John R. “Methodist Societies, Evangelical Economics, and Social Change” (published as “Why did John Wesley ‘Fail’? A Reappraisal of Wesley’s Evangelical Economics,” Methodist History 35 [1997]:176–87; cf. summary in OXFORDnotes4.1 [1996]: 3–4).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Bondi, Roberta C.
Borgen, Ole
Cannon, William R.
Hale, Joe
Heitzenrater, Richard (gave plenary address)
Ireson, Roger W.
Jennings, Theodore W. (gave keynote address)
Lee, Hoo-Jung
Matthews, Rex D.
Shim, Gunshik
Solomon, Dan
Udy, Jim
Zorzin, Alejandro


Conveners: Russell E. Richey & Jean Miller Schmidt


Bassett, Paul Merritt. “The Reversal of the Great Reversal: The Church of the Nazarene and the Poor, to the Present.”
Brown, Joanne Carlson. “Having Form Without the Power: The Wesleyan Influence on the Winnipeg Labor Church.”
Felton, Gayle Carlton. “Good News to the Poor: Baptism as Liberation” (published inQuarterly Review 14 [1994–95]: 387–99).
Gravely, Will. “‘…Many of the poor Africans are obedient to the Faith’: Reassessing the Black Presence in Early American Methodism 1769–1809” (published in Methodism and the Shaping of American Culture, edited by Nathan Hatch & John Wigger [Nashville: Kingswood Books, 2001], 175–95).
Lobody, Diane H. “‘It Was of Infinite Value to Me’: Poverty and the Methodist Preaching in the Life of Christiana Malenoir” (published in Journal of Theology [UTS] 105 [2001]: 59–73).
Macquiban, Tim S. A. “Strangers’ Friend Societies in Great Britain and Ireland, 1785–1835: A Methodist Response to the Problem of Pauperism: Vehicle for Church Growth or Vanguard of Tory Paternalism?” (incorporated into “British Methodist Attitudes to Poverty, 1785–1840” [Birmingham University Ph.D. thesis, 2000]).
Mukangara, Martha. “The Participation of Women in the Church in Zimbabwe.”
Oliveira, Clory Trinidade de. “The Poor in Latin America: A Testimony of Suffering and Hope.”
Pantelis, Jorge M. “The Wesleyan Tradition within the Poor of Latin America: A Proposal of a Socio-Missionary Analysis.”
Rowe, Kenneth E. “Trans-Atlantic Social Gospel on American Methodist Social Thought and Practice 1890–1910.”
Shastri, Hermen. “‘Your Young Men shall See Visions, and Your Old Men shall Dream Dreams’ – Vision 2020 and the Plight of the Orang Asli.”
Snyder, Howard A. “‘To Preach the Gospel to the Poor’: Missional Self-Understanding in Early Free Methodism (1860–90)” (published in Wesleyan Theological Journal 31 [1996]: 7–39).
Strong, Douglas M. “‘The Deliverance of God’s Oppressed Poor’: The Ambivalent Legacy of Nineteenth Century North American Perfectionist Social Reform.”
Tucker, Karen B. Westerfield. “Liturgical Expressions of Care for the Poor in the Wesleyan Tradition: A Preliminary Study” (published in Worship 69 [1995]: 51–64).
Yemba, D. K. “By Water and the Spirit: Theological and Ecclesiological Remarks on Baptism.”
Yrigoyen, Jr., Charles. “Fiction For The Church: The Novels of Harvey Reeves Calkins and Dan Brearly Brummitt” (published in Theologie für die Praxis 28.1–2 [2002]: 79–93).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Chilcote, Paul
Dayton, Donald W. (gave plenary address)
Motta, Francisco
Powers, Jeanne Audrey
Souza, José Carlos de
Topolewski, John L.
Treese, Donald H.
Valsalen, Frederick J.


Conveners: Rosanna Panizo-Valladares & Philip Wogaman


Banana, Canaan S. “The Crisis of Contemporary Socialism.”
Couture, Pamela. Presentation on Jim Alley
Fitzgerald, O. Ray. “Two Models of Health Care, Their Problems and Prospects: Russian and American.”
Kudadjie, Joshua N. “The New Diakonia and the Wesleyan Tradition – A Critical Response to the New Diakonia From an African Methodist Perspective.”
Lodewigs, Siegfried. “The System of a Social Market Economy – Good News to the Poor?”
McCabe, Kendall Kane. “The ‘Social Problem’ in Methodist Episcopal Preaching, 1904–5.”
Messer, Donald E. “The Church’s Ministry in Response to Poverty.”
Panizo-Valladares, Rosanna. “The New Historic Situation and the Old Reality of Poverty: A Latin American Theological Perspective.”
Stringer, David. “British Perspective on Health Care.”
Weber, Theodore. “Reconciliation with the Poor: A Wesleyan Theological Inquiry.”
Wogaman, J. Philip. “The Crisis of Contemporary Socialism: A North American Perspective.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Alexander, Neil
Araya Guillén, Victorio (gave plenary address)
Boots, Nora Quiroga
Hulley, Len
Impey, Jenny
Khan, Kenrick R.
Kiogora, Timothy
Moyes, Gorden
Nthamburi, Zablon
Pickard, Donald A.
Puslecki, E
Sano, Roy I.


Conveners: George Hunter& Vakele H. Dandala


Abraham, William J. “The Concept of Social Evangelism: A Review and Analysis.”
Albin, Tom. “Early Methodism and the Poor.”
Bowen, Starr. “Making the Gospel Indigenous: The Challenge of the World Parish.”
Crandall, Ronald C. “One Story of Good News to the Poor in Los Angeles County, California, USA.”
Dandala, H. Mvumelwano. “The Methodist Witness among the Poor: Perspectives from Southern Africa.”
Fox, H. Eddie. “Kingdom Evangelization.”
Holden, Tony. “Mission alongside the Poor Programme 1983–93. A Programme of the Methodist Church in the United Kingdom and an Example of ‘Good News to the Poor in Wesleyan Tradition.’”
Hunter, George. “United Methodism’s Haitian Mission in South Florida.”
Kim, Stephen S. “Passion for Holiness and Compassion for Humanity: The Wesleyan Theology of Evangelism for the Global, Plural and Secular World of the 21st Century.”
Mahlasela, Joseph. “The Church in South Africa and its Option for the Poor: Particularly the Resettlements.”
Moore, Allen J. “Wesley and Multi-Religious Communities: With Attention to the Needs of the Poor.”
Tan, Malcolm. “Evangelism in the Context of Singapore’s Poverty and Pluralism: The Need for a New Approach.”
Teveraji, P. “Gospel to the Poor and Church Growth in the Malaysian Indian Context.”
Thomas, (Tom) Howe Octavius. “John Wesley’s Two Essential Doctrines and the ‘Poor.’”
Tuttle, Jr., Robert G. “Cross-cultural Common Denominators, Tools for a More User Friendly Evangelism” (published in Global Good News, edited by Howard Snyder [Nashville: Abingdon, 2001], 176–89).
Vargas Alvarez, Emmanuel. “Evangelism in Latin America: Some Reflections from Mexico.”

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Baldeon, Luis
Cáceres, Raquel M.
Campbell, Dennis M.
Cornelius, Cyril
Dutton, Denis C.
Kirton, Allan F.
Lawson, David J.
Lee, Ke Joon
Mbete, Andile M.
Watson, David Lowes (gave plenary address)


Conveners: Theodore Runyon & Norman Young


Gibbins, Olive. “Sanctification, Society and the Poor.”
Josgrilberg, Rui de Souza. “A Community of Support, Growth, Training in Responsibility and Leadership.”
Kristiansen, Roald E. “The Significance of the Hermeneutical Context for a Theological Methodology: A European Perspective” (published as “Sett fra undersiden: om metodistisk kontekstuell teologi i da,” Teologisk Forum 7.2 [1993]: 25–40).
Maddox, Randy L. “Wesleyan Resources for a Contemporary Theology of the Poor?” (published in Asbury Theological Journal 49.1 [1994]: 35–47).
Marquardt, Manfred. “Life with a Teleological Orientation.”
Matthaei, Sondra. “A Call to Partnership with the Poor.”
Moore, Mary Elizabeth Mullino. “Poverty, Human Depravity, and Prevenient Grace” (published in Quarterly Review 16 [1996]: 343–60).
Park, Jong-Chun. “A Paradigm Change in Korean Indigenization Theology: From Theology of ‘Sincerity’ to ‘Interliving.’”
Roeseler, Stefan. “Elements in Wesley’s Message that Attract and Empower the Poor: A Contribution From an East German Perspective.”
Thorsen, Don. “Experimental Religion: John Wesley’s Approach to Theology and Ministry to the Poor.”
Wells, Harold. “The Wesleyan Tradition and the Poor in the Canadian Context.”
Young, Josiah U. III. “Leitmotifs of a Pan-African Theology: God’s Path and Pan-Africa” (published in Black Theology, edited by James Cone & Gayraud Wilmore [Maryknoll: Orbis, 1993], 18–25).

Other Participants/Respondents in Group:

Chopp, Rebecca (gave plenary address)
Frost, Francis
George, A. Raymond
Howcroft, Kenneth
Jones, L. Gregory .
Langford, Thomas A.
Luscombe, Phillip
Maizel, Judith
Meeks, M. Douglas
Stevens-Noel, Tomas A.
Taylor, John B.
Thompson, Kenneth
Tuwere, Sevate I.
Vincent, John J.
Wainwright, Geoffrey
Williams, Rowan